Travel Strollers come with a variety of features.

By: Fatin Nehal

When purchasing travel strollers for newborn babies make sure you choose a stroller which has a flat lie back position, preferably with a well padded seat. If you frequently use public transport, the lightweight, easy folding umbrella strollers will be a very good choice as these will be easy to manoeuvre.

For your baby’s first few months you may want to take a look at the all in one travel systems. These travel strollers with a compatible car seat designed to fit into the frame. It makes it convenient to move your baby back and forth from the car to the stroller without much disturbance.

Double travel strollers are essential for twins but also suitable for two young children of different ages. Some double travel strollers which lie side by side are quite large and you should take note of measurements before purchasing.
Our travel strollers are the perfect travel systems for children from infants up to the toddler years. The pushchair can be adjusted to fix both the rear and the front of the stroller depending on the age of the child or the wishes of the parent. Each travel stroller contains comfortable pre-foamed cushions and extra-large seating.

It comes with a travel carrying case - perfect for roaming on a train, plane or automobile, with highly maneuverable, locking wheels that turn in complete 360 degrees and includes a sun canopy, rainshield and adapters for use with the Maxi-Cosi system infant car seat. The colors for the Zapp Quinny pushchairs include cobalt blue, strawberry, citro - a light green, mandarin orange and black.

For active on the go families, the series of strollers are perfect for around town, the park, running errands, the mall or the store, traveling to grandma's house by train, airplane or automobile or simply going for a stroll around the block. The rugged, durable construction ensures the travel strollers will last your child from infancy through the toddler years and if well maintained, perhaps through another child.

You have just learned that you are expecting a bundle of joy and now you need to begin getting the things your baby will need. If this is your first baby all the decisions you need to make may seem overwhelming at first.

There are so many different types of strollers to choose from and one of the first things you need to do is determine your budget. There are strollers that can cost as little as $10.00 or as much as $400 and up. The advantage to these strollers is the fold nicely and can store almost anywhere. As the price gets higher the features and quality of the stroller may increase.

Strollers can come with a variety of features. There are travel systems that include a stay in the car base, an infant carrier/car safety seat, and a stroller frame for the infant seat which it is attached. These are great especially when your baby is newly born.

Travel Strollers have a play tray that has insets for a bottle or juice cup. The brake on most strollers now are attached to both rear wheels and is easily applied with your foot and some also have a wrist strap brake that is used in conjunction with the foot break. It gives extra safety when you are stopped and the stroller won't 'roll away' while you have the strap.

There is usually a large storage basket under the seat(s) of the strollers and many strollers now are coming with a parent tray that is place over the handle bar. It has a spot for a cup of coffee or a soda, a place for your cell phone, your keys and a place to hold a snack. The height adjustable feature is a great saver on the back the reversible handle can help you see your baby while he rides if necessary.

There are all kinds of options styles and types of strollers. There are multiple seat strollers for twins, or more children. There are a variety of seating arrangements side by side seating, tandem seating with one seat behind the other, and stadium seating (tandem seating with rear seat raised above the front) allowing the second child to be able to see more than the back of a head. There are jogging strollers (one wheel out in front and two rear wheels). The jogging strollers also come with multiple seating.

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Bear in mind where you will be using your Travel Stroller and how often you will be using it. With all baby Travel Strollers check the dimensions when folded to ensure that it will fit into the boot of your car.

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