By: David R Johnson

So your capture page is built, but now you need visitors. So you explore the internet and you come across something called a traffic exchanges, there are a million of them on the internet. The next question you may have are traffic exchanges worth your time? If so, which one should you use?

If you are not sure what a traffic exchange is, this is a website you collect credits by looking at other users' website. You in turn can use the credits you built up to market your website. Some have slight variations, but this is in effect what they do.

I do not generallyrecommend traffic exchanges, but today I will. That traffic exchange is TrafficSwarm. Truthfully, you will not get a bazillion of leads from using TrafficSwarm, but you will get a few leads from TrafficSwarm. This should not be your only marketing technique, but it should be usedwith other techniques.

With TrafficSwarm you get 1-5 credits for gazing at another user's website for 20 seconds. You in turn use these credits to promote your website. Everytime your ad appears it charges you one credit.

TrafficSwarm is not a good place to advertise your primary business opportunity. I have done this in the past, with no leads. However, if you have marketing products or services geared towards internet marketers, you have your main audience with TrafficSwarm.

It is also your favorite four letter word: FREE!

Another great advantage to using TrafficSwarm is it gives you a testing ground for your headlines. Your ad will be displayed in the same style as Google Adwords. So you can see if your advertisement stands out and get clicks or not.

Visit and sign up. The free version is all you need. They will offer you a pay version, but only get the free version.

There are a a number of things you can do to acquire more credits besides surfing. I set my startup page to TrafficSwarm in my internet browser. Doing this will collect you one credit each time you open your internet browser. You can use the "|" key in your start page to start several sites in tabs. So your start page address looks like:|my TrafficSwarm address.

Surfing on TrafficSwarm is very straightforward to do. What can you do if you do not have time or the desire to surfto acquire credits?

If you have children, you can teach them to surf for your credits. Maybe pay them a little extra allowance.

This is something that is perfect for outsourcing. Your friend in outsourcing is

You can also do this during the day when you are surfing the internet. Click an ad, then go do what you need to do, come back and click on another ad.

You can also purchase credits from Trafficswarm, if you want. It is about 2000 credits for forty dollars.

There is one tip that will keep you from burning through your credits too fast. When you set up your advertisements, you can choose a category for your advertisement. Only choose 1 or 2 categories. Your ads will be more targeted.

TrafficSwarm is a nice little websiteto get some leads. This should not by your only marketing technique, but it should be used with numerous marketing strategies to get more leads each week.

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David Johnon wrote TrafficSwarm to help those who are looking for a way to generate leads on the internet.

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