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Trademarks are essential if you wish to create a stable customer base for your business,as well as an appreciable brand that is safeguarded from the reputational damage which can be done so easily in a world that has the online environment as one of the pillars of its activities. In this respect, a careful trademark search will assure you the legal protection against modern forms of rights infringement, such as cybersquatting, which nowadays is affecting the brands across the entire world, and those already existent since ancient times, which concern the intellectual theft under all its forms

Although the advantages that the internet presents for the commercialization of your brand are beyond any dispute, acting probably as the main medium of research and advertising for your company, it also entails numerous security risks of which you need to be aware. One step you will want to make sure itís achieved, prior to even start talking about the possibility of taking your business online, is that of registering a domain. As their number increases in the virtual space, these domains will render the act of having your brand negatively associated with other individuals, highly unlikely. Moreover, a higher number can also guarantee you a much wider exposure of your products and services, and in consequence, a greater client base.

A careful trademark search will make all the possible claims of various individuals regarding their alleged rights to interfering with your brand, void of all value.More precisely, this means that no one can use your brandís name on other websites without your permission, either for their purposes, or advertising inappropriate content. This unrelated content is a considerable threat, since itís possible to discover that your businessís reputation can be easily degraded by political or pornographic material. Trademarks also guarantee a reduction in the number of competitors for a similar product or service as a result of the intellectual property laws,other companies being required to find routes that are free for registration.

It is not to say that registered trademarks are completely assured and they donít require protection. However, they are much easier to protect than unregistered ones. In a case of brand similarity for example, the unregistered brand will have to undergo a much more difficult process in demonstrating its dissimilarity or accusing another of intellectual theft. Since once youíve registered your trademark, it will last throughout the entire period company activity, provided you complete the necessary formalities every ten years, itís obviously the right plan of action if your purpose is to develop your business on a solid basis and with a view for the future.

You can determine through a trademark search what is the current situation of other trademarks registered in the category you aim to, and in this way, gain a clearer view of the limited protection that the sole possession of a domain name can assure. In order to avoid all the hassle involved in defending your brand through other trading criteria, itís mandatory to seek registration under a relevant Trademarks Act. You may find that a business which has a positive local appreciation is vulnerable to other people that may decide to establish themselves in other parts of the country and use the same name. Therefore, if youíre not safeguarded at a national level, it will be far more difficult to prevent this.

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Trademarks are essential legal tools in protecting your brand name and securely developing your business, and for this reason, you may want to make a thorough trademark search that will clarify you the dangers that your companyís identity will have to face.

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