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A recruiter is an individual responsible to get people to fill positions or jobs within companies by solicitation of their services. Generally, recruiters fall under two main categories: in-house, or independent who work for a host of clients. Internal recruiters form the human resource (HR) of the particular organization they are a part of, and function to negotiate with, interview, hire, fire, deal with employee conflicts, resolutions, benefits, etc.). These can either be freelance contractors or employees of the company.

Independent/third party recruiters are those that are not affiliated with any particular organization and are, instead, working with multiple individuals. They behave as go-betweens, arranging meetings for clients (whether job hunters, or companies looking to staff their departments), negotiating terms, and so on.

Toronto recruiters for executive/C-level jobs, manufacturing based jobs, financial jobs, investment jobs, and a host of other job options offer their services, whether in person or online. Most of them go by stable online presence, allowing users, whether employers or individuals, to log in their systems and specify their needs. Employers could mention the number of employees needed, job specifications, salary limit and so on. Individuals seeking jobs are allowed the same: specification of job details. The recruiters then match individual job requirements and expertise with employer needs. Once a successful match is made, Toronto recruiters contract both the parties and acts as a liaison to set up a meeting which can be either online, or off-line. That meeting, or interview, will serve to acquaint the two with each other, who can then decide whether they are well-matched or not. If the deal is a successful one, the recruiter earns a commission, and if not, the recruiter goes ahead to find other matches. Either way, Toronto recruiters are an asset if you are someone looking for a job or employees.

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