Torch Cigar Lighter

By: Arthur Bell

Cigar and pipe smoking enthusiasts love using the torch cigar lighter. These torch cigar lighters come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes and from many different companies. Torch lighters are the perfect accessory for the cigar smoking enthusiast. These cigar lighters are well known to be the best lighters for smoking cigars or pipes has the ability to give you just the right amount of flame that you need to light your cigar perfectly.

When it comes to options, the torch cigar lighter has it all. Not only can you choose from many models, styles, shapes and sizes, you can choose the amount of flame that you get from your cigar lighter. For example, torch lighters can come equipped with a single, double or triple flame. Being able to choose the amount of flame that you are getting is priceless to a cigar or pipe smoker. A person who smokes cigarettes would do well with a singe flamed torch cigar lighter, but that would not be quite enough for a cigar or pipe smoker.

The double flamed torch cigar lighter is the perfect tool for the cigar enthusiast. The double flamed torch cigar lighter gives the cigar smoker the right amount of flame to tobacco coverage with enough power to light the cigar properly. In fact, the double flamed torch cigar lighter is one of the most popular purchases among cigar smokers.

The triple flamed torch cigar lighter is also popular among cigar smokers, but the triple flame is too much for some people. The triple flame torch lighters are more widely used by pipe smokers, as they need the three flames to successfully light the bowl of tobacco at once. One key advantage to the triple flame is "Wind Resistance". With three flames you are guarunteed a light even in the most unlikely of circumstances. I've been known to venture out on the the deck of a fishing boat in a 20 knot headwind and had absolute success with my Xicar triple flame lighter.

Torch cigar lighters are also perfect for the cigar smoker because they will service the smoker for years to come. This is especially so if they are properly cleaned and cared for over the years. These lighters are refillable and very convenient all around. For great deal on torch cigar lighters, try shopping online. There is wide selection of torch cigar lighters to choose from online as well.

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