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By: Clint Jhonson

The internet is teeming with numerous tips on the information related to street fighting tips. It is normally the repetition of the old techniques. However some are really valuable theories. It is true that you shouldnít walk alone whenever possible. Most of the criminals attack a person who is single and is walking away from the crowd. This situation might be true for crimes like rape, but for crimes pertaining to robbery and physical attacks, even the crowd doesnít matter. An armed criminal will attack you even in a crowded place. Thus it becomes essential to learn self defense tips. Walking alone may also be unsafe if you are going to court for special appearances on criminal cases or taking a criminal to the police station.

One of the self defense tips is to continue attacking your assailant after the first blow. Normally after giving the first strike people stop thinking that the attacker will stop. However, this is not true and the attacker may spring back. It might be possible that your attacker is feigning hurt just to divert your attention. Therefore the street fighting tips tell you to continue attacking or striking the assailant till he is incapacitated. Your opponent should be completely stunned.

When you learn self defense techniques, try to learn the art of finger breaking. It is an extremely good idea to snap one of the fingers of the attacker. This kind of attack on your assailant will prevent him from further punches on you. This self defense technique is quite easy to learn and doesnít require much of strength. Considering the fact that most of the attackers are males, it is great idea to hit them in the groin. The attack on the groin region will bring a lot of pain and they will be on the ground in a moment. This will give you leverage and you can flee in the meanwhile.

In the marital arts school you will many learn self defense techniques. One of the important techniques is paying attention. You should pay attention to the immediate surroundings. You must continuously evaluate the environment that you are in especially if there is a potential danger. Try to recognize the danger. Many people try to avoid the dangerous situation. The street fighting tips include learning how to live while being aware of the dangerous situations.

Awareness becomes like second nature to you when you learn self defense techniques. You will automatically check your carís back seat and see if you are not walking alone in the dark places. Your level of awareness will be at a raised level and this will prevent you from any attack. You will be able to understand and also evaluate the situation that is prone to danger.

The street fighting tips include making a lot of noise whenever you see potential danger. This is extremely important since this action will attract lot of passersby. Any kind of noise will make the people in your vicinity aware of your danger and they can help you.

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Have you ever tried to learn self defense techniques? Our street fighting tips are gory but very effective.

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