Top Three Facts About Creating Real Estate Video Tours

By: Edwin Sproat

There is a new technology developing in the real estate marketing arena, and some real estate professionals have previously discovered the amazing benefits that it offers. It refers to making video tours online, and it is rapidly becoming a majority solution for marketing and selling real estate property. Since video tours are still fairly new in the arena of real estate marketing, there are numerous false impressions about them that prevent real estate professionals from utilizing them. The top three facts are listed below.

1. Video Tours Are Difficult to create

Creating video tours are comparable to learning how to ride a bike. When you first get on, they can be a little tricky, hard to maneuver, but after that it all becomes automatically simple. In general when it comes to video recorders, you create a scene every time and stop the recording. Basically, all you really need to do is film each room of the house, and then use editing software like Camtasia installed on your computer to place the scenes any way you want. It is really that simple!

2. I Canít Afford a Video Tour

Amazingly, creating video tours are a lot more affordable than most people believe. There are 4 things essential to make a video tour: (1) a video-capable digital camera, (2) a computer or laptop, (3) the interface cable required to hook up your video recorder to your computer and (4) software to edit your new video. Letís see how each of these items break down in terms of cost.

For starters, high quality video recorders are now very affordable due to market technology advancements over time. Video recorders that used to cost five hundred to one thousand dollars a couple of years ago will now only cost you a fraction of what it used to be, and this trend will continue until digital video recorders can no longer be enhanced, which is very highly unlikely.

In terms of a pc, you most likely already have one that meets the requirements needed to create real estate video tours. If you use a Macintosh computer, having OS 9.0.4 or better is operating system is bare minimum. If you are running Windows, having Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 3 is all you need to get started. In other words, if you have a pc with all the latest patches and updates as of 2011, you will be all set.

When it comes to interface cables, the one you need to connect your video recorder to your pc will depend on your device. They either support one of two cable types: (1) USB or (2) Firewire. Either way, most video recorders come with the required cable needed out of the box.

Lastly, there is video editing software, which is basically free and comes pre-installed on your computer (if you have at least one of the operating systems previously mentioned). For Macintosh systems, the program is called iMovie and for Windows, the program is called Windows Movie Maker. Both are simple to use and give you the basic capabilities of making quality and professional-looking videos.

And so, if you are reading this article, itís most likely you already have the computer and software costs covered. All that is left is to buy a video recorder and a cable. Since cables usually are bundled with the video recorder, all you will need to purchase is video recorder for your video tour needs.

3. Itís Too Expensive To Make Real Estate Video Tours

Real estate professionals are rapidly discovering that real estate video tours are truly worth their salt. By delivering a variety of features such as directly selling a home on demand; generating more leads; and even selling above asking price, news media is steadily doing stories on the huge benefits from creating and publishing video tours with the help of real estate video sites.

The wonderful thing about video tours is that they not only can lead to you making more money on the sale of the property, but they can also save you on costs such as gas and time. Instead of wasting time showing houses to unqualified buyers to open houses and driving people to and from homes, you can now create a virtual video tour of the property listed for everyone to see on demand.

Now that you know the benefits and facts regarding the top misconceptions of real estate video tours, there is no better time to start using them now. Not only have they provided real estate professionals with better and higher sales percentages, but there will be less competition in the video realm as people will be afraid of new and developing technology. In addition, video tours set up a level of confidence and professionalism in people that motivate buyers and sellers to want to work with you even more.

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