Top Sweetners to Make Delicious Gourmet Sugar Free Chocolates

By: Cynthia James

While gourmet chocolates are loved by most everyone, there are many that have to be careful when eating sweets. For some it may be having diabetes and for others it just may be being careful with their weight, however, there are several gourmet sugar free chocolates that are now available and delicious. We've compiled a list of top quality sweeteners for gourmet sugar free chocolates for you to choose from.
Maltitol - Without a doubt maltitol currently heads the list as the top sugar substitute for diabetic chocolates and gourmet sugarfree chocolates with it's natural sugar taste with substantially less calories. Many makers of gourmet sugar free chocolates and other diabetic candies have made this the most popular sweetener. It is made from a form of malt sugar, or what is called hydrogenated maltose. An increasing number of diabetic chocolates and sugar free chocolate baked goods are using this to provide the sweetness without the calories.
Sucralose - Sucraolose is sold as Splenda in stores and has no calories in it but holds up well when used in baked goods. It first arrived on the scenes in the 1970's from the United Kingdom where it became quite popular and received regulatory approval in most European Union countries as well. Definitely the most popular sugar substitute in the general market, you can find it in a number of prepared foods and sugar free candies.
Erythritol - This natural sugar alcohol has absolutely no calories nor does Erythritol have any effect on your blood sugar. With no calories, it's a perfect solution for dieters thought it's only about 2/3 as sweet as natural sugar. For those that may have some stomach issues with other forms of sugar substitutes, especially Xylitol, generally find this one easier on the stomach and digestion.
Stevia - Herbal sugar substitute Stevia is a recent entry in the gourmet sugar free chocolates arena. Considered to be even sweeter than sugar, it has no impact upon your blood sugar levels and has recently been introduced in some soft drinks. While making inroads into the mass market, it is easiest to find in health food stores.
The good news for diabetics today is that there are more ways to enjoy gourmet sugar free chocolate than ever before. With new sweetener options actively coming to market, those who want the flavor and texture of gourmet chocolate without any impact upon blood sugar can choose from a variety of options. No longer do you have to pass on those great flavors that you used to enjoy due to health conditions; sugarfree chocolates are lower in calories, as well as neutral in its effect upon blood sugar levels overall. By specially testing recipes, chocolate makers have crafted unique blends of diabetic chocolates that tastes nearly as good as the original, so you can enjoy the very same treats you used to, without worry about its potential impact on your health!

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