Top Rated Herbal Remedies For Calcium Deficiency

By: Christian Harris

Calcium is an important mineral used by the human body for stabilizing the blood pressure and for building strong teeth and bones. It is recommended that every individual, regardless of whether a male or a female should consume the recommended amount of calcium per day through the foods they eat. But, when this calcium is not enough to meet the calcium deficiency, which is already present in their body, they are suggested to use herbal remedies for calcium deficiency. When there is calcium deficiency in the body, it will lead to the risk of developing diseases like osteoporosis and calcium deficiency disease, which is otherwise called as hypocalcemia.

What are the causes of calcium deficiency?

The natural aging process can cause deficiency of this substance in the body and most of the calcium in the body is stored by the bones. When age advances, the bones become thin, thereby increasing the requirement of calcium intake. This is why middle aged women are recommended to consume calcium supplements as their bone density reduces when they reach the age of menopause. This is caused because of the reduction in the hormone called as estrogen during this age.

Generally, women at this stage are recommended to include more of calcium based foods in their diet because of the fact that the lesser production of estrogen can reduce their bone density to a great extent. During and after menopause, women are recommended to consume about 1500 mg of calcium every day. There are other causes like hormone disorder called hypothyroidism, malnutrition and malabsorption.

Symptoms of calcium deficiency:

Generally, for people in early stages of calcium deficiency, they may not experience any symptoms. But, as the deficiency level increases, they may experience the following symptoms:

1. False sense of perception

2. Depression

3. Lack of feeling and tingling sensation in feet, face and hands

4. Memory loss and

5. Muscle spasms.

Herbal remedies can help:

For men and women, who are worried about calcium deficiency, they are recommended to go for herbal remedies for calcium deficiency as these remedies are safe to use. For instance, Calcivon tablets are wonderful remedies with effective herbal ingredients and it can bring the following benefits:

Benefits of Calcivon tablets:

1. It can cure calcium deficiency

2. It will help the body to maintain healthy pH level

3. It can promote healthy flow of energy and nutrients to the cells

4. It can support healthy functioning of the liver

5. It can promote the health of different organs like bones, hair, teeth, joints and nails.

Ingredients in Calcivon tablets:

These capsules are stated as top rated herbal remedies for calcium deficiency because of the following ingredients present:

1. Mukta Shukti Bhasma comprises calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate and it will be helpful in curing palpitation, abdominal pain and indigestion

2. Godanti hartal bhasma is a rich source of calcium

3. Khatika is a form of calcium carbonate.

Permitted preservatives, color, flavor and aspartame base is also used in the manufacture of Calcivon tablets, thereby making them the best and safe solutions for calcium deficiency.

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