Top Mistakes Horse Racing Gamblers Make

By: Tim Mehmet

Horse racing is a favorite pastime of many men especially those who love to gamble their money in the hope of getting more bucks if they win. Those who just bet on certain occasions may also be influenced by the gambling atmosphere that it’s possible for them to make horse racing their way of life. But no matter who they are – horse owners, trainers and gamblers, they share one common agenda and that is to win money.

It’s true that people can earn lots of cash at horse races. In fact, thousands or even millions of dollars are won and lost in racing in just one afternoon. But placing bets is more than just paying for the horse that you like basing on its looks, color, name, number or the jockey. For a novice, the task of placing good bets can be daunting because there are actually so many factors to consider in choosing a horse and the possibility of picking a winner in just one race can be very slim.

Mistakes are likely to be committed if you are not inclined to learn about the ropes of betting on horse races. Veteran players agree that winning at the track is not easy. Good race track knowledge, according to America’s most celebrated horse race player George “Pittsburgh Phil” South, is acquired by study, observation, hard work and the will to succeed. Studying horses and the suggestions of professional handicappers in newspapers and on websites can be your best guide to winning.

Another common mistake made by gamblers is their tendency to continue betting even if they have already won huge sums of money. This is true for most gamblers who sometimes forget about the value of money while they’re so engrossed with their betting activity. But then, although you know and trust yourself, self-control should always be first on your mind. Know when to stop otherwise, you will just end up a big loser. It’s also suggested that you keep a portion of your winnings after all, wouldn’t it be nice to go home a winner?

Professional players advise those who are serious about horse racing to stay away from systems and tips and instead learn about the speed, pace and class of horses. Horse knowledge coupled with suggestions of handicappers will give you a better chance of making good bets and winning. To get a good view of horses before placing your bets, visit the walking ring on the first floor of the track where thoroughbreds are exercised before their races. But don’t be deceived right away by leg bandages and other things you see on the horse. The bandages, for instance, are not a sign that the horse is lame but they may be protection and support for the race.

Don’t be too confident of the horse you picked. In other words, expect the worst. Horse racing gamblers should know that if there’s a possibility that something will not turn out right, you should assume that it will go wrong. In this kind of gambling game, everything is dependent on the horse and horses have varying mood swings. The truth is, it takes so much effort to put a horse in place for the race and it could even make a riot during the race itself.

Finally, while other gamblers place bets on different types of horse racing, the best thing to do to increase your chances of cashing in is to specialize. You can choose to focus on flat, jumps or all-weather racing and then limit your study on just one instead of covering all sprinters. You can also follow the so-called “trend horses” and analyze their form.

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