Top 5 Mistakes in Internet Network Marketing - Recommendation From Master Recruiter

By: Jim Green

Ray Higdon was in foreclosure under two years ago. Today his blog outranks some entire MLM companies with a 21,000 score in Alexa. And he's persisted even though he's had his Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts all shut down as part of his learning curve. So his advice should be heeded by every internet guru and especially those who operate in the network marketing/mlm niche.

Ray believes in the power of blogging in order to connect all social media and bring together his brand. In the process of working with his network marketing team, Ray has a unique perspective to see the most common mistakes being made today.

1. Many marketers focus on technology vs. problem solving. New marketers have an unrealistic view of their own credibility, thinking their knowledge will impress others, with a focus on technology.
2. Consistency is a major problem and newcomers don't stick with their new marketing efforts long enough. On the flip side, those that are consistent practically find it impossible not to get 40 leads per day.
3. Underestimating the value of their list. The sole reason for the existence of a blog is to build a list. The offer you're making MUST solve real problems for those experiencing REAL pains. You have what these people are searching for in their lives. If you don't believe this, you may be in the wrong line of work.!
4. Many get hung up and "stuck" until everything is perfect. This is a fatal error. Ray suggests John Maxwell's "Failing Forward," for those needing help with this problem.
5. Most mismanage their list. By simply informing his list of an effective webinar series on sponsoring, Ray was able to earn $3200 recently.

Ray believes that leaders must first believe in their own value in the marketplace. First, your belief will energize you in offering what you have to offer, and then your actual "value" will determine your actual earnings potential. Ray's background and story may seem familiar to many; it seems many were also dead broke when starting out. What they have in common is vision and belief in themselves. There is no other industry offering similar opportunities to people with a big desire to "turn it around," with no educational, age, or experience required. Ray advises those in similar situuations to set big goals and plan upfront to be eventually telling their own "story" to a big audience, e.g., MLSP weekly webinar. Always think with the end in mind.

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