Top 10 Anticipated Electronic Technology Products of 2012

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1. Amazon Kindle Fire

You might wonder how the Kindle Fire can appear at the top of the list. Although it has been come into the market for some time, the UK and other countries pin great hopes on it. Why do we are so obsessed with Kindle Fire? It is known as the “luxury and affordable consumer media devices,” “small item with the most reasonable price in this era .”

2.Wii U

There’s no question about that Nintendo launched the Wii led to a revolution in the gaming Game industry in 2006 .The main features of Wii are unprecedented use method of Wii controller, nostalgic console games and network functions and the other service.

The Wii U as successor to the Wii that is also a powerful high definition game console. It adopts the latest technology to fully compatible with wii accessories and wii games. The innovation of the console lies in using of advanced controller. And its controller and the games have a strong interactivity. Nintendo said that Wii U as the next generation of console, it will support high-definition video and equipped with touch screen controller.

3. Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime

The Asus Transformer Prime is the best full-featured Android tablet with unique design. It has quad-core processor and amazing image processing performance. what is important that ultrathin body with complete functions. The battery life of Eee Pad Transformer Prime very is good. It also has large and high-resolution screen . In some sense, It opens flat 4-core era. It had ushered in an era of quad-core tablet.

4.Windows 8 Tablet

Although there are many outstanding issues on Windows 8 tablet , but there is no doubt that Microsoft is expected to open up tablet pc market by Widows 8 operating system. The main feature of Windows 8 is Metro interface that its style is similar with Windows Phone 7. As it is, Windows 8 is a stand-alone application. Windows 8 have both traditional interface and Metro touch interface that catch developers and computer manufacturers’ eyes, but it is not clear how users will react to the looks of new Windows system and user experience.

5. Windows Kinect

Microsoft Kinect control interface will appear in Windows systems. This technology has the potential to change the interactive way between users and PC. Keyboard and mouse(computer input gadgets) won’t die out in the short term, but gestures and facial recognition will become an important way for the user control the computer.

6. PlayStation Vita

PS Vita will be appear on the market in North America in February, 2012. That will answer the question in many people’s mind: whether the handheld has gone through the golden age? PlayStation Vita is equipped with quad-core processor that based on ARM Crotex A9 frame. Its GPU is a quad-core PowerVR SGX 543 MP4 + and 5-inch OLED screen with high resolution (960×544) . At the same time it have two version —WIFI version and WIFI +3 G version .

7. ASUS Padfone

Asus Padfone is known as the “Transformers” and make a deep impress on everyone. Many people are moved by this integration of the smart phones 2012 and tablet PC. What we are interested in Padfone not just supports Androis 4.0 operating system but configure the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processors. According to overseas media reports that Asus will launch Padfone at MWC2012 Congress in February, 2012.

8.Sony PS3 3D Display

3D is becoming mainstream of television marke. 3D stereoscopic display enter into our life
and Sony’s 3D display perfectly combine the PS3′s 3D output with powerful function.The PS3 display has all the specs to make games play great, especially in 3D games. Some high-end displays have problem with dealing with HD images, but the Sony strikes a perfect balance between dynamic picture and image control, and it almost no crosstalk or double-imaging.

9. Android 4.0

The latest version of the Android system has aroused strong concern in the industry. Android 4.0 —”ice cream sandwich” has been processed a series of improvements, including optimization of user interface, improved multitasking, better search tools, facial recognition to unlock and Android Beam.

Android4.0 is the result of merging the wifi phone and tablet computer systems together.It support smart phones and tablet PCs, which will solve the operating system differentiation problem between Android 3.x and Android2.x. The great thing about Android 4.0 is not in itself more perfect, but it provides open platform for manufacturers and developers.

10. Ultrabook

The success of MacBook Air led to revolution in the notebook market. Currently, Windows notebook has began to imitate the light design of MacBook Air. Intel is pushing the development of Ultrabook, there will be many types ultrabook come into the market, including Lenovo IdeaPad U300s, Asus ZenBook and Toshiba Portege Z830.

Ultra thin that user concerned is a remarkable property for Ultrabook, but users are looking forward to the price decline. Acer plans to launch the ultrabook with the price of 800-900 U.S. dollars in the the second quarter of 2012, while the price of this ultrabook in 2013 wii drop to $ 500.

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