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By: Harris Eagan

It accounts from normal house hold items like furniture, clothes to old computers and cars. Disposal of such items pose a great threat to the environment.
The electronic wastes or e-wastes are of most dangerous among them. You cannot use your old computers today as most of the new applications and operating systems will not run on it. The computer parts like mother boards and monitors have various hazardous metals in them like lead and mercury. The disposal of such goods poses various threats to the mankind. The only option left out is to recycle the items in such a way that the useful parts are taken out from the devices and the others are melted to manufacture new goods.
Similarly the house hold items will also turn scrap in a matter of time. The house hold utensils, furniture, clothes and other electronic products are to be handled with care and disposed properly. These old house hold items not only takes a lot of space but also pose a health hazard to us as these forms a home inside home for the rodents and other such organisms.
The old products can be recycled to new products. Various Tokyo recycle shops are operating out there. It prevents the excess consumption of fresh raw materials, reduce air and water pollution and also reduce energy utilization as compared to using new raw materials in production. Since these goods are already processed for the production the companies can save a lot in processing the raw materials.
You can sell these scrap items to these Tokyo recycle shops. The recycle shops pay a very decent amount for these items. These companies collect the scraps from your house hold themselves. Most of the Tokyo recycle shops are just a call away and they will come directly to your home to collect the scraps. These companies accept all sorts of scraps from metals to plastics, from furniture to old cars.

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