Toe Nail Fungi: Facts You Need To Know

By: Rashel Dan

No one wants to get toe nail fungi. Although no one died of plain nail fungus infection, the condition can develop into something worse than ugly nails. You would therefore want to avoid ever getting toe nail fungus. The first real step to preventing a toe nail fungal infection is to learn the top facts about it.

#1- You can catch them.

It comes from a source. Toe nail fungi don't just appear out of the blue. This isn't the same though as catching a cold or some other viral infection. Specific conditions must exist for toe nail fungi to develop and infect you. Fungi generally love warm, moist areas. You can therefore get infected in places with water and a comfortable temperature like shower stalls and pool sides. You could however, also get infected if you use nail tools used by a person who has a fungal infection.

Keep in mind that toe nail fungi can enter near your toe nail. It is possible that you have a cut near or around your toe nail. Once fungi have entered through the small opening, it will stay put in between the nail and the nail bed.

#2- They love nails.

Keep your nails short. Nail fungi just love nails. This is mainly because your nails offer them the environment that they love the most. Toe nails are warm and moist so the fungi actually have a perfect home.

Fungi won't simply go away on its own without treatment. This is especially since the initial symptoms of nail fungi aren't very alarming. Small white dots may be all you can expect at first. If you don't do anything about it though, the fungi can spread. Your toe nail can turn to brown or black and may become ragged and brittle. At this stage, it may be difficult to treat nail fungi with just topical applications. You may actually need to have your nail removed entirely.

#3- Fingernails can get fungal infections too.

Compared to finger nail fungus, toe nail fungal infections are often talked about. Some may not be aware though that fingernails can also get infected with nail fungi. The reason why toe nail fungal conditions are more often mentioned is because they are more common than fingernail fungal conditions.

Shoes - There are reasons for the common occurrence of toe nail fungal infections. Among a lot of people, the toes are often enclosed in non-porous footwear and socks. This condition alone can already make an initial, mild infection worse. This is simply because closed shoes promote moisture retention.

#4- They are not easy to get rid of.

Toe nail fungal infections are stubborn. This is because the nails, which normally protect our toes, also protect nail fungi. It will therefore be difficult for topical applications to get in. This is why topical applications have to be used regularly, consistently and for a long time before any improvement can be seen on toe nail fungal infections.

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