Tips to Prepare for Prayer Retreats

By: Todd Dawson

The desire to renew your relationship with God is quite natural. In fact, it is a must for a person to go forward in life. But, to get the most from your attempts in this direction, you need to commit yourself to it. The best way to make this happen is attending a prayer retreat.
Preparing for prayer retreats
The greatest benefit of a prayer retreat is the freedom it offers you from the grinding schedule of a busy life. For this reason, the first thing you should do before going for a retreat is to settle everything at home. Entrust the daily affairs with a close friend. Inform your friends on social media that you would be away for a few minutes. And, give detailed information of your whereabouts at least to one member in your family. This will help them contact you in an emergency situation. Here are some more additional tips to help you in the matter.
1. Lead a good life
Donít expect any good from a prayer retreat if you are going for it on an impulse. Start the preparations from your own home. Solve all the issues in life and be honest and upright in your dealings. The feasible option is to try your level best to align your daily life with the teachings of the faith you propose.
2. Follow a healthy diet
Try to follow a healthy diet at least one week before the retreat. This will boost your power of concentration; it is going to be of utmost help during a retreat. An imbalanced meal plan may make you feel tired and dull depriving you of the energy to focus in anything.
3. Seek guidance from God
God will definitely help you stay focused and get benefited from a retreat. But, donít expect Him to do everything without asking. Before arranging your flight ticket to a retreat center, spend a few minutes in prayer. Repeat the same when reaching the center before beginning the retreat. Believe that God will stay at work all the time you are there and will help you enjoy the fruits of your efforts.
4. Take rest
Understand that retreat is a time to unwind yourself. Before getting involved in it, take a deep breath and slow down. The activity will help you give your hundred percent to assist yourself.
5. Carry a book along with you
You can carry a book along with you whenever you go for a retreat. It is highly recommended that you take one describing the theme of the retreat you plan to attend. Consult with your guide in advance and choose a book accordingly.
6. Prepare a journal
Donít forget to take a notebook with you so that you can record your life in your choice retreat facility. This will assist your efforts to practice the things you learned during your time in the center. If you find yourself impressed with the teachers and the classes you attended, you can also write a review on your favorite website.

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