Tips to Make You a Happy Person

By: Don L..

Who doesn't want to be happy in his or her life? Everyone, of course, desires to be happy.
The question is how to be a happy person. Here are three tips to help you do that:
1. Be grateful for what you have
I can't emphasize this enough: an attitude of gratitude is essential for your happiness. Just think about it. If you aren't grateful, no matter how rich or famous you are you will still complain about your life.
If you are grateful, on the other hand, you will look at your life through a positive lens. You will still be positive about your life even when time is difficult. That's how you should live.
So it's important that you be grateful in whatever situation you are in. Understand that you life is better than many other people's. Don't take what you have for granted.
You should learn to appreciate whatever you have. You don't want to lose things before you appreciate them, do you?
2. Don't compare yourself with other people
Everyone has their own life. Your life is different from other people's lives. What is good for them is not necessarily good for you.
So don't compare what you have with others'. Focus on being the best you. By doing this you will not be jealous of other people and you will be happy.
3. Focus on things within your control
There are many people who pay attention on things they can't do anything about. It's not surprising that they feel unhappy with their lives.
Moreover, the fact that they feel powerless about it makes them even less happy.
The problem here occurs because they focus on the wrong things.
Don't focus on things you can't control. No matter how you complain or worry about it, you can't change the situation. Focus on things you can control instead.
For instance, don't try to change how other people behave. It's better to just change yourself. You can't change other people but you can change yourself.
By having this attitude, you will be a happy person because you only focus on things that are within your control.

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