Tips on Sand Trap Play

By: Donald N. Lombardi

Tips on Sand Trap Play

Needless to say these tips on 'sand trap' play are only a small part of the game. As every one of us know the golf game is made up of many aspects for which there are different techniques and applications.

Fortunately there are professional teaching methods which have been put to paper by folks who are well equipped to impart their knowledge and experience for the betterment of us all.

These are my best three tips for escaping from sand traps. Follow these tips and you will not simply save shots but your confidence will grow through the rest of your game. Your stress level will decrease and the enjoyment of your round will flourish.

The Correct Grip

The reason the grip is so important is because it helps to maintain the face of the club-head OPEN before,throughout and after the swing.

Grip the club and place club-head on the ground. Release pressure on grip and open club-face. Now take your normal grip. Rotate both hands slightly to the right of your normal grip. Get the sensation of your right hand more under the grip than normal.

The Set-Up

The whole set-up with stance and alignment is extremely significant in so much as it will impact the swing path of the club. You will discover you will be aiming well left of the target. However the swing path and club-face will launch the ball on its intended line.

Together with the the correct grip and club in hand set up your feet parallel to your intended ball flight. Now place your front foot left creating an 'open stance' Align your shoulders square to your feet. Your club-face should now be square to your intended line and open to your stance.

The Correct Swing Path

You are now prepared to swing along the path of your feet producing a feeling of an out-to-in swing.The club-face will slash across the sand behind the ball.The sand will lift the ball in the air where it will land softly on the green.
At this time you have the right set-up dig your feet 3cms into the sand and crouch down a little for a more solid foundation. Grip down the club the same distance. Get your club back along the line of your feet while hinging your wrists at the same time to about a three quarter swing. Without consciously moving your lower body and with the club-face still open,strike the sand about 2 inches behind the ball. Follow right through the sand and finish off your swing.

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