Tips on Buying a New Chess Set

By: James Bennett

If you are planning on going out to buy yourself a brand new chess set then read on for some guidance before spending your hard-earned money, as you want to come home with a board and pieces that offer value for money and are of a high quality.

The main factor is to only spend what you can afford. It's all too easy to get carried away once you're faced with beautiful handcrafted sets in marble, oak or glass. Be practical and consider the best options in your price range.

On the other hand it doesn't always pay to buy the cheapest either as they are more likely to be of poor craftsmanship and falls apart after just a few months of use, unless of course you find a really great promotion or sale and get yourself a bargain. Go for something that is in the middle range with regards to price and you should find a set that last for years and provides a lot of entertainment.

When considering whether the board is worth the money think about how it will provide lots of opportunities to bring family and friends together socially, something that can be rare these days. Playing a game of chess together and competing on a playful level offers the means to bond with your kids and spend valuable time in each other's company.

You don't necessarily have to buy a matching board and pieces, although it might work out cheaper to buy a complete set. Buying them separately can give a really original look if they are of contrasting colours or materials, and create a unique angle that suits your style. The only concerns here are that the pieces actually fit in the squares and are of equal quality; you'll be surprised at how the quality of the set can enhance play, and the more superior it is of course the more certain to last a lifetime.

Many players like to keep their board out on display for easy access when a game is about to begin, and so it can be admired for its beauty and elegance. In this case you might want to go for something classic like sandalwood, ebony, boxwood, briar, or maple.

How often you plan to use the board should also be taken into consideration, if you are a regular player then the set should be durable and made from hard-wearing materials. It's easy enough to find wooden chess pieces and boards in marble and resins that are sure to see you through your lifetime and even longer. If the board is more for display purposes, and there are plenty of people out there who own valuable chess boards but don't even play, then you can opt for one that's more elegant or delicate.

The main thing before spending any money is to establish your priorities, to do this then take a look through the following questions for some guidance.

Will the chess sets just be for show or are they actually going to be used regularly?

How often will you be using it?

Does it need to be transported to another location on occasions?

What is your budget?

Do you want to buy a board and chess pieces as a package or separately?

Will it be out on display?

Do you want it as an heirloom to be passed on to your kids and grandkids?

Are brand names or particular materials important to you?

There are many different types of chess sets UK to choose from and buying one is something that shouldn't be rushed into. Have a good think about the questions asked above and then go out to the stores, or check them out online, and see what types fit your requirements and the kinds of designs and materials you prefer.

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