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Web design has always been one of the most important elements of a website. It is what your prospective customers are going to look at first. At the very first glance, your web design should be able to grip the attention of your visitors. That said, there are a certain guidelines that you must follow while you design a web page so that it looks modern and yet contains all the elements a web design should have. Of course there are so many guidelines to follow; here are a few tips to create a great web design.

•While designing, use dummy text: When you design, you may not have the text matter ready for the website. It is generally added later. Use dummy text so that you get a clear idea of what your website will look like when finished.

•Make sure to replace dummy text: Well, after all the graphics and designing work is over, make sure you replace the text with the actual text – before you submit the prototype to the client!

•Check page load times: Page loading times do make a difference. Users most likely leave the page if your website takes a long time to load. Website visitors are generally impatient and want to get to the information they were looking for really fast!

•Innovation Limited: Don’t let imaginations run wild. Make an easy to use and easy to interpret web design. Even if you are using symbols for words and icons for descriptions, make it obvious. Don’t leave it to the user to interpret what the meaning is.

•Backgrounds need not be too complex. Complex colour schemes, innovative patterns and graphics may sound like a good idea to a creative mind, but web design demands that backgrounds be as simple as possible and the main content be as legible as possible. It should not get lost in the complex background!

•Do not clutter too many sidebars: Side bars are a good idea, but more than too many are a bad idea. Cluttering of side bars will definitely not do any good. Be precise about what needs to go there!

•Use Consistent colours throughout the site: Each page must look a part of the whole site. Once you decide on a colour scheme, maintain it throughout the site. This will ensure consistency and make the site look complete.

•Do not use inline styling – use CSS. Inline styling will definitely increase the bulk of the code. Use CSS ( Cascaded Style Sheets ) for styling.

•Place equal importance to footer design: Footers are like the most neglected part of the website. Place equal importance to designing it well, although the information you place there would be just about terms and conditions or policy or sitemap, it adds to the overall look of the site. So give it your best too!

•Video and audio content should not autoplay: Whenever you decide to have multimedia as a part of your website, make sure that you do not set it on auto play. Give your users to option to click on play.

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