Tips for Taking High Quality Dragonfly Pictures

By: Vikram Kuamr

When taking dragonfly pictures, concentrate a lot on getting quality images which is the benchmark for any photography work. At least you need to have some basic knowledge of how to take photographs. In this article, you will learn a few things about how quality pictures are taken with a dragonfly the main subject. Even if you are a professional photographer, donít ignore this because you might learn something very important that you never knew about. Donít assume that because you can capture politicians ranting on podiums or players running on the field is enough. Everything has its own specification and so is dragonfly photography.

Start by choosing the right camera to use for taking the images because the final quality will depend a lot on the type of camera used. The ideal one should have a really fast shutter speed because dragonflies move at very high speeds just comparable to wind. The zoom-in and out features have to be superb such that you can capture the dragonfly even from far distances without necessarily getting nearer to it. If you have the choice of choosing between a digital or analogue camera, the digital will be a good choice any day because of its advanced features. You can customize the settings as per the dragonfly pictures you want captured among many other manipulations that an analogue camera cannot offer.

After choosing the right camera to use, you should embark on discovering the exact locations where dragonflies will be found. They are used to watery environments so that is specifically where you should head to. You will find most of them inhabiting around water reefs and lilies. Generally, you will find the dragonflies living anywhere close to water whether itís a forest or beach. To avoid frustrations, you should choose a location where the number of dragonflies is highest. It will be the right opportunity to capture dragonfly pictures of the highest quality. Make sure you have given a lot of weight to this factor when making your considerations.

Once you have located the dragonfly to capture, practice patience without rushing too much into taking the image. These insects are moving constantly and its only through being patient that you will be able to get the right image you want. Actually, they rarely stop for a few seconds which will make your photography work very difficult. You can take a few minutes studying how the dragonflies move before mastering their movements. Take a comfortable position and vantage point where you can view the dragonflies without difficulties. Aim your camera at the point where you see them moving slowly or are resting and take as many shots as possible. And that is the secret to capturing high quality dragonfly pictures.

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Taking quality dragonfly pictures is not a mean task as you have to be well prepared and keen enough. These insects move very fast which will call for preparedness and patience if you hope to get high quality images. A dragonfly is not an insect to treat lightly when taking pictures otherwise you will end up with nothing.

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