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If your family is like most families, dessert items are among the favorite foods available. In most cases, long gone are the days when mom could spend all day in the kitchen, turning out homemade pies, cakes and cookies to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. That does not mean that you have to resort to store-bought cookies and cakes. The following cooking accessories can make baking desserts a breeze.

1. Nuwave Oven

Try a new way of cooking with the Nuwave Oven. This slick countertop oven combines infrared, convection and conventional heating technology to cook foods up to 50% faster. You do not have to preheat the oven and it is capable of baking cakes, cookies, and brownies. Everything turns out delicious and moist in half the time it usually takes to bake a particular dessert. You get a lot more than just baking with the Nuwave Oven because it also roasts, broils, and dehydrates. Once you start baking with the Nuwave Oven, you should be amazed at everything you can do with it.

2. Section Pans

These nifty pans are about the neatest new gadget you can find anywhere. The microwave, freezer, and dishwasher pans are designed to bake edible bowls. Just pour in cake batter and pop them in the oven, and outcome shortcake or pound cake bowls just waiting to be filled with fresh berries, pudding, whipped cream, and ice cream. They are available in two sizes. These are a two-section pan that makes two five-inch diameter bowls and a six-section pan that makes six three-inch diameter bowls. It is a novel and delicious way to serve up dessert to your family.

3. Loaf and Brownie Pans

The unique brownie pan design features a non-stick insert that bakes your cake or brownies in perfect slices. Just pour the batter into the pan and add the insert before you pop the pan in the oven. The batter should bake in perfect slices so there is no more sticky knives or arguing about who got the biggest piece. The brownie pan makes 18 brownies. The loaf pan makes nine slices, and the pan is dishwasher safe.

Also, if you like chewy edges on your brownies, then there is another brownie pan that you should love. As its name would suggest, this “Brownie Pan” is specially designed in a squared S shape so that every brownie bakes as if it were at the edge of the pan. You can get chewy edges without the gooey center of brownies that never seem to completely cook all the way through.

4. Cookie Press

Remember the old cookie presses that were difficult to use? This updated version of the old-fashioned cookie press should be much less stressful and it can help you make those delicious cooking. It features two barrels. The first barrel is for jumbo cookies and the other is for regular size cookies. There are also a few cookie cutters that allow you to bake cookies in a variety of shapes and sizes. A press of the trigger provides the right amount of cookie dough so that all of your cookies bake evenly. You should not have to worry about cookies that came out crispy due to being thinner than the other cookies while baking.

To go with the cookie press, pick up a 4-tier cooling rack to quadruple your counter space. The collapsible counter rack has four shelves, each of which holds up to ten pounds. That is strong enough to hold a heavy casserole or your mile-high apple pie. It folds down to one inch thick, so that you can easily store it in a cabinet or a drawer. It is ideal for baking days when you are making large batches of cookies.

5. Four Piece Batter Bowl Set

You can never have enough mixing bowls and this batter bowl set has a unique handle and a pouring spout that makes it ideal for mixing cake batter. The 4-quart bowl has a unique pouring spout and easy grip handle to make pouring batter into cupcake tins and cake pans as easy as pouring a glass of milk. No more trying to balance a bulky bowl while scraping out the batter. The easy handle makes it simple. The set includes three smaller mixing bowls and comes in very cool retro bright colors.

Do away with hand-mixing and save money on canned whipped cream with a stylish aluminum cream whipper that uses N20 chargers to pump up to twice the volume into your cream as hand whipping. A half pint of cream whips up enough whipped cream to top many desserts. It also keeps it fresh in the fridge for up to ten days. This allows you to prepare your own whipped cream without worrying about purchasing it at the local grocery store.

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