Tips for Better PPC Ads

By: Mel Joelle

Here are some ideas for improving your PPC ads. Some are as old as ad copywriting itself, others are more specific to the pay-per-click arena:

* Keep your groups of keywords tight. Think hard about what kinds of keywords are most important to your ad, and confine your keyword use to them. It sounds like a no-brainer, but a lot of people forget about it. It’s an easy way to improve your click-through rate.
* Work keywords into the ads whenever possible. This follows along with the above rule. Bold the keywords, and work them into the header and remaining lines as much as you can. Use the Auto-Replace Formula {KeyWord:PPC Ads}
* Give ads visual appeal. Cascade your lines, capitalize important words, keep lines short or keep the ad itself very short (it’ll have to be anyway). There’s not a whole lot you can do with simple text to improve visual appeal, but there are a few things, at least.
* Get inside your readers’ heads. Try to think about their specific needs and concerns, and write the ad (and keywords!) to them.
* Use specific numbers. “76.83%” looks a lot better to readers than “75%.” It comes across as more specific and factual, and piques curiosity. So instead of 120, try “up to 123″ in your copy.
* Phrase things as a question. The reader/audience has a question in their minds; by getting inside the readers’ heads, you can phrase that question for them in a way that they will respond to.
* Borrow ideas from other ads. That doesn’t mean to plagiarize, but to check out the competition whenever possible and think about ideas that work. Cribbing from your competitors in this way isn’t unethical or inappropriate; if you’ve got a successful ad, they’re going to be cribbing from you.
* Test multiple versions of your display URL. Experiment with things like capitalization, “www,” sub domains and pages. But keep in mind that the display URL needs to be an actual accurate URL.
* Make sure that your ad is relevant to your landing page; this is known as landing page optimization. Again, this seems obvious, but not everybody realizes it. If the first thing that a customer sees is something that delivers on the tease that your ad offers, your conversion rate is naturally going to be better. If you bait-and-switch, you’re going to have a lot of confused, disgruntled readers who are just going to hit the back-button.
* Double check your spelling and grammar, and keep it short and direct. Nothing will torpedo your credibility quicker than an ad that looks like a foreigner wrote it.
* You don’t have much space to convey your ideas; economy of words is all-important. Even sentence fragments are fine if they get the meaning across quickly.
* Include a call to action. “Start Today” or “Act Now” are some examples. However, keep in mind that you cannot say “Click Here” on Google Advertisements.
* Appeal to emotion. Just simple words like “fear,” “happy,” “confused,” “apprehensive,” “alone” or “loved” can push emotional buttons in the audience that will make them respond.

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