Tips To Cure Premature Ejaculation In Younger And Older Men

By: Gordon R Santo

Premature ejaculation is the problem that can happen in both young and older men. The problem is common in men above the age of 40 as the level of testosterone produced in the body reduces in men in this age group. Sometimes, stress, exposure to toxins and emotional issues affects the performance of male reproductive organs and men in age below 25 suffer from premature ejaculation, where they find it difficult to retain erection for more than one minute. The poor control over the muscles that holds the erection reduces the erection duration. The simplest tips to cure premature ejaculation involve the use of herbal remedies.

Herbal remedies provided by Lawax capsule and Vital M-40 capsule contain many phyto-compounds that can provide the body with nutrition to prevent weakness of muscles. Tips to cure premature ejaculation involve the use of specified quality herbs, which can easily prevent the symptoms of premature aging. Chlorophytum borivilianum or Safed musli is commonly used in preparation of herbal remedies that cure the problems of male reproductive organs. The herb is rich in complex bioactive compounds that can increase the production of testosterone in men. There are many other benefits of using the herbs as given below -

1. It is nutritive tonic that can be taken to fulfill nutrition deficiencies in body.

2. It improves the muscle power and it prevents obesity.

3. It can regulate many side effects or health conditions that are caused by obesity.

4. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C is more absorbed by the body, when the herb is taken regularly. This means that its regular intake can reduce the impact of aging. It rejuvenates the body organs and prevents the symptoms of aging effects. It prevents premature aging.

5. It is effective in curing the symptoms of diabetes and arthritis.

6. The regular intake of the herb helps in increasing the level of HDL (High density lipoprotein). This is also called the good cholesterol. It also decreases the hepatic lipid profiles and plasma level in blood.

7. The herb works as a vitalizer and is widely known to be a health giving tonic which can work to improve the body's general wellbeing.

The tips to cure premature ejaculation involve the use of herbs in different forms. One of the commonly used herbal products is Chyawanprash - that contains a good amount of it. It can improve immunity and reduce the symptom of diabetes and arthritis. It is very effective in preventing the problem of premature ejaculation as it reduces the formation of plaque in arteries and promotes blood circulation in the body.

Similarly, a number of other natural compounds such as Asphaltum puniabiunum are added to prepare the herbal capsules. Asphaltum puniabiunum or shilajit is globally known for anti aging properties. Withania somnifera and Saffron are two widely used herbs that can improve the brain power and regulate the brain's coordination with the male reproductive organ, to prevent dysfunction of male organ at a younger or at an older age. Tips to cure premature ejaculation involve the use of safe, purified and widely tested herbs as provided by the capsules.

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