Tips And Ideas On How To Plan Your Article

By: Ann Liu

Content is King - or as Joel Comm says, content is Ka-Ching!

One of the most important parts to build the content is through writing and publishing your own articles. This method can help and bring in more visitors to your sites.

You might said "Ann, you must be kidding, I have never written a single word before, how can I write my own articles?"

Yes, you can, it may take a little practice at first, but you can do it. Writing articles are not big deal, it is just a matter of finding your own writing style and applying it. Remember, everybody has his or her own way, and you will find yours as well.

There are many ways to start to write articles, to help you getting started; I like to share with you these following ideas and tips that I have used by myself that toward to write articles.

1. Just Write Whatever Comes Out from Your Mind

When I write articles, normally I will write down whatever comes out from my mind first, then create a title for the articles, read, revise and work from the title down again,

2. Use Voice Recording Software

Sometime I am too lazy to type, so I will speak out to a tape recorder or voice recording software to let it type out or have it transcribed.

3. Outline Method

There are many people using "outline method", which means draw an outline about articles first that he or she is going to write, and then work from there. However, I find this method does not working for me.

When I am in the writing mood, I will choose a big topic in general sense first, then create a title and work from the title down.

No matter what method you use, the easiest way I find is simply to start writing.

Seriously, as I said, just start to write down about anything that on your mind; even if it is not about the topic you original plan to write. If it is on your mind, you should write about it and may come back to the other topic later.

You do not need to worry about the spelling or grammar at this point; just simply write until you feel like you have it all down. You can create a title and do the initial things clean up later after you feel like all of the information you wanted to get into the article is there.

Speaking of clean up the article, you need to work on it from the top down. Put a title on your article; make sure each paragraph is following a logic order. Read over it again. Do you need to add anything or take anything out of the text? If so, do that now.

After you finished all the editing and cleaning up work, turn off your computer and go out to have some fun and give your brain some rest. Leave your article alone; do not touch it until the next day.

Read it loud 12 hours later after fresh your brain to see whether there any cross point in your article. If it has, correct it. After done, publish it to your website or submit it to article directories to draw the traffic to your website.

Remember, the more unique content on your site the better the search engines love it, and the greater your chance of getting more visitors each day through them.

Follow these simple tips, ideas, and you will be well on your way to getting powerful articles written that will help you spread your name and generate dozens or hundreds of one-way links to your sites offer all over the place.

In addition, more importantly, if your articles address and provide them with valuable assistance information, it will help others who has running into the problems as well.

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