Thrush Infection: What Is It

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As you are no doubt aware the human body is made up of millions upon millions of cells along with both good and bad bacterias Sometimes the bacterias get out of balance and multiply rapidly causing infection, Thrush is one of these infections.

Candida Albicans are one of the many organisms that lives on the human body, being found on and in about eighty percent of the human race. This baxteria can be found in several areas of the body including the colon, vagina, stomach, throat, mouth and rectum. Under normal conditions Candida Albicans do not cause any problems but an overgrowth of this bacteria can lead to a thrush infection

A thrush infection is not a serious problem, but is occumpanied by major discomfort. It can also lead to a much more serious condition if it is left untreated, this is why anyone suspecting they have a thrush infection should visit a doctor for medical advice right away. If you are suffering from Persistent thrush it is important that you should be seen to by a doctor, do not ignore it.

Signs And Symptoms Of Thrush Infection.

Oral Thrush: Having white creamy patches in the mouth is the most common sign of an oral thrush infection. In addition you may have red spots in the mouth, crusts forming at the corner of the mouths and difficulties swallowing.

A vaginal thrush infection is most commonly recognized by a discharge that looks like cottage cheese. Often this discharge will be accompanied by burning and itching in the vaginal area. The lips of the vagina may also swell and become red with tenderness when touched. Women are the main sufferers of thrush and about seventy-five percent of women will have a thrush infection at least once in their lives.

Prevention Is Better Than a Cure

Once again, prevention is better than a cure, so how can you avoid getting a thrush infection? A normal amount of yeast is important in good vaginal health, but one way you can prevent a thrush infection from occurring is by limiting sugar intakes which can be the most beneficial way to preventing a thrush infection since it thrives on sugar. If your thrush infection is persistant you should alter your diet by eating a low sugar diet. You also want to allow the infected area to breath by wearing cotton undergarments, pants and skirts and make sure you clothing is loose fitting.

It is best not to use over the counter medication in an attempt for self treatment since some antibiotics and other medications can make the infection worse. Before trying any kind of medical treatment it is best to seek the advice of a medical doctor. If the infection persists it is very important that you revisit your doctor so that he or she may carry out further tests to examine wether there is another cause for your continued ailment.

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