Throw a Pancake Party

By: Samantha Bow

Are your kids tired of clowns, pinatas, and pin the tail on the donkey? If you are fresh out of party ideas, don't worry, there is always breakfast. Huh? Yes, breakfast. You can have a pancake party! Throwing a pancake party is something different that your child's friends probably haven't had. It is fun and unique and very simple! Keep reading to find out how easy it is to throw a pancake bash.
Start with a theme. You can do anything you want. For example, if you are throwing the party in the winter you can have the kids make snowmen pancakes and have lots of fruits and toppings to make snowmen out of the pancakes. Be creative and think of something unique.
Next get all the ingredients and supplies. When you have a number of about how many kids are coming you can make a more accurate guess on how much to get. Get all the ingredients and fixings you will need as well as all the party supplies. Make a good, specific list before you go shopping so that you don't forget anything.
You're also going to need to get the ordinary party supplies. Make sure you get fun colorful tablecloths and designs that match your theme. You can do just about anything. Go to your local party supplies store for supplies and more ideas.
Have a plan before the party. If the kids know you don't know what you're doing, they might go crazy and take advantage of the situation by making a mess. Set up individual stations for each task. Have one group measure the ingredients, another mix, and another pour on the pan. Make sure the kids arent too young that they can burn themselves on the pan. You might want to do this part yourself or have plenty of supervision around. Have each of the kids dress up their own pancakes.
This is a perfect idea that you can personalize. Have the kids draw their names in batter or in icing on the pancakes. Let them each use different colors. Have available many different toppings and let them do whatever they want. Make sure to warn them when you think some foods wont go well together so that they don't waste food because it tastes bad. You can even have party favors such as baking utensils or cookies.
This can be a very fun idea if you use your creativity. You could even use French toast or waffles or a mix if you wanted to. Get the kids involved and make sure they have fun. You can make this the hit party of the year.

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