Three marketing lessons from Star Wars

By: Henry Cross

One of the most exciting things happening in 2015 is the release of the new movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It is coming next December, yet people are already excited and prepared to buy tickets to multiple showings of the new movie. The question, though, isn’t how Disney is creating so much hype over the movie but how Disney will keep the hype up until the new movies is released. Here are three ways that Star Wars has already helped keep up the hype and how you can do it too.

First: The hook

The first thing you have to do is hook your audience. For Disney, this was easy, as Star Wars already has a pretty huge built in audience. However, Disney still needed to get the word out that a new movie was being released. Social media played a heavy role in spreading the word and getting people hooked. In fact, one of the best ways to hook your audience is to get involved in social media and let others spread the word for you. If you are using pay per call marketing, this is something your affiliate marketers will work on for you, as they have their own followings and will be able to easily bring in new customers.

Second: Small reminders

Whenever something happens on the set of the new Star Wars movie, it is released to the media. There are little reminders being sent out to the current fans that there is stuff happening and that they should be ready. For example, when the stars of the movie were announced, people went crazy. Then there was the incident where someone got hurt on set, which was promptly released to the public as a reminder that the movie is being produced. You can send small reminders to your customers too by sending texts or emails with discounts or promotions.

Take advantage of holidays

One thing Disney did was release a teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode 7 on Thanksgiving weekend, according to the New York Daily News. They took advantage of a time when people would normally be thinking of movies and the holidays and reminded fans of the new movie coming out. Your business can do similar things by reminding your customers of your product or service through the holidays. There’s no better time, even if it is as simple as sending an email saying happy holidays to the customers.

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