Three Ways to Sharpen Your Mind

By: Don L..

The quality of your mind can make big difference in your life and career. That is especially true because you now live in the age of knowledge.
If your mind is sharp, you will be able to perform better than other people. You will be a productive person even when you become old.
Those whose have sharp mind are not just more productive now. They are more productive for longer time as well.
Consequently, it's important that you do what is necessary to make your mind sharp. You need to do mind exercise.
The more effort you put on mind exercise, the sharper your mind will be. Just like muscles, more exercise will give you better results.
Here I'd like to share with you three ways to keep your mind sharp. They may seem simple but doing them consistently will give you a lot of benefits in the long term.
The key here is consistency. Doing small things consistently will give you more than doing big things occasionally.
Here are some ways for exercising your mind:
1. Playing mind games
One good way for sharpening your mind is playing brain games. Since it's fun you can enjoy the process and do longer mind exercise.
You have plenty of options when it comes to mind games. You can play checker or Sudoku, just to name two of them. There are many others you can choose.
To get the most out of your playing time, the game you play should be increasingly challenging. Just staying at the same level of difficulty won't be helpful.
It's similar to weight training where you need to lift increasingly heavier weight to build your muscles.
2. Reading classic books
If you want to boost your brain power, read classic books. Why? Because classic books are relatively more challenging to read.
Unlike popular material which you can understand without thinking much, classic books often need you to think to understand them. That is good exercise for your mind.
Even better, many classic books can be downloaded for free on the Internet
3. Reading academic papers
Not many people like to read academic papers, but it's helpful to sharpen your mind. Why? Because reading academic papers is challenging just like classic books.
Reading academic papers enriches your mind with new vocabularies while also exercising your logic. You can find a lot of academic papers to read through places like Google Scholar.

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