Three Top Greek Mythological Stories

By: Mike F. Taylor

Mythological Tales make for good reading as well as are full of the rich culture that the myth originates from. The mythological tales usually find a place in academics and are studied in depth. One of the most read mythological stories is the Greek mythology.

Greek mythology has not only affected academics but has also made for a great pool of ideas when it comes to movies, books, drama and art. They have also been good material for bedtime stories.

There are some Greek mythological stories that have stood the test of time and make for an interesting read.

Pandora's Jar: This tale is more commonly known as Pandora's Box. It is a story of vengeance although it has been dumbed down to make it fit the criteria of a bedtime story. The story is about Pandora, a curious and defiant woman, who was created in such beauty that she could tempt man and be the cause for his distress. Upon her marriage to Epimetheus, she was given a dowry jar. She was asked not to open the lid of the jar; however her curiosity gets the better of her and she opens the jar a little to see what is inside. That small opening enables all sorts of evil to escape from the jar thereby beginning their torture of humanity. This was Zeus's revenge against Prometheus who had provided mankind with fire, a power that was supposed to remain only with the Gods.

Pandora's Jar is a tale created to increase the bias against women and to blame them for all the distress and pain in the world.

The Odyssey: It is one of those tales that has been written down in verse and is one of the two big poems written by Homer. The plot revolves around the Greek hero Odysseus and his journey to his hometown, Ithaca after the fall of the Troy. This journey takes ten years and Odysseus has to face a lot of trials and temptations on the way. When he returns to Ithaca, he finds that he is presumed dead and there are suitor competing to marry his wife, Penelope. The remainder of the story is how he teams up with his son to win back his wife, family and city. The Odyssey is a story that talks of bravery and the yearning of one man for his family and hometown.

Heracles: Known as Hercules in Roman mythology, Heracles was the illegitimate offspring of Zeus. He lived for 900 years and was often at the receiving end of Hera, Zeus' wife's evil schemes. He received superpowers Hera unknowingly breast-fed him. The great deeds that were to be expected of him were displayed early on when he strangled two snakes, set upon him by Hera, with his bare hands. The twelve impossible tasks that he completed for Eurystheus stand testimony to his strength and wit.

On his death, he ascended to Olympus the only demigod to do so.

These are some of the great and well known Greek mythological tales that have been written down. They always make for an interesting read if you can lay your hands on these books.

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