Three Key Decisions When Choosing Lawn Sprinklers

By: Ryan Patingson

While there is certainly more than one thing that goes into having a good lawn, you would be hard pushed to find something more crucial in keeping a lawn green than regular water. And although many of us are lucky enough (or unlucky enough) to live in a part of the world with ample rainfall, many parts of the world require a bit of artificial rain if a beautiful lawn is desired. The most straightforward means of getting water into a lawn is of course a sprinkler system but sprinklers are only effective if they have been correctly chosen. Here are the three key things to consider when deciding upon how to get your lawn some well needed water.

Choose Between Over Ground and Under Ground

While under ground sprinklers require you to permanently place a water system underneath the soil, over ground sprinklers simply include a hose that is connected to an outdoor faucet. The advantage of over ground sprinklers is that they are significantly cheaper and there is no complicated installation process. Over ground sprinklers are only really suitable for smaller gardens however as if you have a larger garden you will have to frequently move the sprinkler and hose around your lawn so that each area gets sufficient water.

Choose the Type of Sprinkler

There are many different types of sprinklers and the choice largely depends upon the dimensions of your garden. Out of all the different types, there are three that are most frequently used.

- The oscillating sprinkler is essentially made of a long tube with various openings. The tube moves back and forth and in doing so sprays water in a fan shaped fashion. A single oscillating sprinkler head can cover a surprisingly large area of grass.

- The impact sprinkler on the other hand is the type of sprinkler that makes that clicking sound that you have likely heard while walking around a park. Impact sprinklers generally have two or more arms and each rotates in a circle spraying a single jet of water.

- The third most popular type of sprinkler is the sprinkler hose. These sprinklers are incredibly simple and consist of a long hose with multiple small holes, each of which sprays a single jet of water. These sprinklers are ideal for long, rectangular shaped lawns.

Consider How Much Water Your Lawn Needs

Finally, in many parts of the world that require a sprinkler system, water is a bit scarce and therefore your choice of sprinkler should take that into account. First off, you should not install more sprinklers than you actually need. Not only does doing so over water your lawn, it is also a complete waste. Secondly, if water is very scarce, you may want to consider drip sprinklers. Drip sprinklers are significantly more water efficient and in case you are worried that they do not provide grass with enough water, it is worth pointing out that they have been successfully used by farmers for centuries.

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