Those cruises can be comparable to the Titanic in history

By: Hayden

Have you ever seen a 3D movie version of "Titanic"? It made us once again seemingly feel of how spectacular that is known as the most luxurious cruise. Although displacement is up to 66,000 tons, has an indoor pool, gym, Turkish bath, libraries, lifts, and a squash room "luxury castle", appeared in the sea in the Virgin line, it still continues this luxury cruise. In the next hundred years, it was born with countless similar, and even surpasses its design. This continuation of the ultimate luxury at sea, is absolutely beyond of any means of transport you take. What are you waiting for? Now takes a look at those cruises comparable to the Titanic!
Queen Mary Il, launched in 2003
In the past 30 years, "Queen Elizabeth 2" is as if the only ocean-going cruise ship. But precisely the "Queen Elizabeth 2" achieved good results parading in the Atlantic Ocean, which successfully made Cunard company determine the construction of a huge cruise ship - "Queen Mary Il". After it successfully launched, it becomes the world's largest and heaviest cruise (later to be replaced by the "Freedom of the Seas" Royal Caribbean built, but it is still the world's largest cruise). "Queen Mary Il", in the beginning of the plan design, was designed in accordance with the parade of cruise in the Atlantic Ocean, so her device configuration was configured in accordance with the standard of Atlantic coast port , in fact, it can travel to any place based on its ability. Want to experience the ship unparalleled luxury cruise? You only need to pay $2,000!
Normandy launched in 1932
If you've ever seen cruise posters in the 1930s, you may have seen it. It looked sleek, streamlined bow in the positive, hull looming. "Normandy" creates an era in the power plant, although uses high-power steam turbine, is not used to drive the ship sailed, but uses it to drive a motor to drive the 80,000-ton cruiser. Degree of a luxury cruise ship was breathtaking! From the day it started business, achieved good results until the outbreak of war. In 1939 after the outbreak of the war, "Normandy" was liquidated in New York. The United States got the cruise and changed its name to "Lafayette", but unfortunately have not had time to conduct a sail, in early 1942 because there was a fire when it was modified, during fire fighting operations accidentally caused it rollover. Despite salvage, but at last was abandoned in 1946.
States of America, launched in 1952
Sailing speed of "States of America" was so fast is still a secret. Sailed up the speed as fast as a hound cruise is now moored in Philadelphia pier slowly grow old. It is not born in the 1930s, the golden age of cruise, so the original construction of the main purpose was passenger services and military. Therefore, at the time, its voyage true velocity was kept secret. In the 1960s, the emergence of a jumbo jet replaced the role of ocean liner passenger transportation role. "States of America" had been lost money, and finally purchased by the United States Norwegian Cruise Line in 2004, and laid aside, quietly waiting for its fate.
Olympic No., launched in 1911
Compared to "Titanic" (hit an iceberg to sink) and "Great Britain" (not yet commenced business was bombarded and sunk by mine, and later renamed the hospital ship), the" Olympic" was proud more. It's sturdy allowed it to win the name of "reliable", from 1911 to 1935 it had not stopped business (except for short-term maintenance). Its most famous deeds were in 1918, in a single voyage, the crew found a German U-103 submarine, the "Olympic" quickly turned prow to knock the submarine without hesitation. Germany submarine had no time to dive. This event is to make it a statement famous. In 1935, it stopped navigation due to its age, announced scrapping in 1937.
Queen Elizabeth II, launched in 1969
"Queen Elizabeth II" was made in the golden age of the late Atlantic liner. From the late 1960s to 2004, the "Queen Elizabeth II" opened up new routes, it not only sailed in the Atlantic Ocean, had also dock at the port of Sydney, Australia, Shanghai in China, and so on. The ultra-luxury cruise finally was retired in 2008, but is about to be transformed into a floating hotel moored in Dubai.
In today's technological advancements, perhaps there will be speed faster, bigger ship, more luxurious decoration cruise. But the story of these cruise body is unique and cannot be copied! They may withdraw from the historical stage under the erosion of years may have launched the stage of history, but their names will be engraved in the history of the development of the cruise.

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