This is the Moment

By: Roderick Armstrong

David is a manager for a major national discount store. He works 70 hour weeks and when he gets home he is too exhausted to enjoy his family or time of. He's worked for this company for fourteen years and he can't believe that it has been that long. He and his wife Lori have just taken out a second mortgage on their home to help prepare for the twins college education.

David and Lori's expenses are tight and he can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. He feels stuck and wants a quick change. His job with his company is the only job he's had since college and he never intended to stay there as a career. Now, he realizes that his kids have grown up and he doesn't even remember their childhood. He knows people who work from home or have MLM businesses but he doesn't think he can enjoy that kind of lifestyle. Sadly, he feels like he is trapped.

Does David's life sound familiar? David's life is a never ending cycle of boredom, struggle and remorse that his life isn't going in the direction that he intended when he was younger. He had dreams to set the world on fire as a teenager and now the highlight of his day is settling onto his couch with his remote control.

I'm not trying to get you down here. I want to help you remember the dreams you had when you knew nothing could stop you. The world was yours for the taking and you were just the one to do it. What kind of legacy are we leaving our children by living a life that we have just grown to accept?

We come into this world full of desire and drive to win. We are then taught to get good grades, get into a good college so that we can get a good job and then have kids, and repeat the cycle all over again. Sadly, we're taught to believe that life is supposed to be just like that. Work hard all your life, raise a family, die. I think life is supposed to be much richer than that.

This is not the life we imagined for ourselves in our youth. You are supposed to live life as you like...not as your employer demands. What happened to us? Life happened. We find ourselves sucked into a vacuum and by the time we realize it we have no idea how to get back to the lives we dreamt of.

Be encouraged. This is the moment. The purpose of this article is to enlighten you that the life you dreamed of years ago is still possible if you choose to believe that it is possible for you. You don't have to despair and accept a fate that you were not chosen for. Your destiny is much greater than that.

My goal is to help you believe in your dreams. They were there for a purpose. They were there to inspire you. I know you can make a change in your life. The life I described above was mine. If I can do it...I know you can. First, believe it's possible for you. Then change will come.

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If you are ready to live life as you like it I am excited to help you. I know life of your dreams is just around the bend. If your are ready to take charge and stomp out loud then give me a shout.

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