This Is How To Get FHTM Leads Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing

By: Scott Marvin

FHTM aka Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing is sweeping across North Amercia. I have spoken with some very excited distributors opening up new locations for Fortune Hi-Tech. With all the energy flying around we often forget that the root of this business is marketing. Excitement is a wonderful thing but without a solid marketing strategy you will be left with a very lackluster business.

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing like nearly all MLM companies teaches their reps to prospect their warm market. This might work for someone with lots of connections but it often times leads to poor results for the average Joe. This following will reveal a marketing strategy that will help keep the average rep in business by teaching them a method to keep fresh leads flowing in each day. After all without fresh leads how can you grow your business?

The basic recipe is:

Branding "YOU"
Multiple Stream of Income
List Building
A Sales Funnel

Personal Branding is the art of presenting yourself as a leader. To be effective you must promote YOU on the front end and promote your business on the back end. If you examine the leaders in Fortune Hi-Tech you will notice them using this method all the time. People want to follow leaders so you need to promote yourself as someone who can help them. Can you do this if you are new? Keep reading.

For some reason lots of people get confused when it comes to marketing. You need to understand this right now! Calling your friends and family is not sales and not marketing. Once you have effective marketing the prospects come to you. Your team will continue to grow if you realize how to market. Hint hintů One of the best ways to market today is online. Nearly every known business has a web page.

To increase your profit you can use Multiple Streams of Income. Once you understand marketing and you begin to promote yourself you increase your value to your prospects. This enables you to suggest products and tools that will train your team. By doing this you help your FHTM downline become more successful and you are able to make extra money that can be used for more ads. Your team can duplicate this and it becomes a win win situation. The resources you promote to your downline should be of high value. Don't sell junk products just to make a buck or you will experience a rapid decrease in memberships.

Auto-responders are a great way to build a list. A large e-mail database can pay you for years and years to come. What if FHTM closes business and you lose the list of contacts you spent so much time building. You will have to start from scratch. If you have a list you can start over quickly with those people in a new opportunity. Hopefully FHTM will be staying with us for a very long time but you can't afford to take chances especially in an industry where 95% of companies fail.

A Sales Funnel is a mix of branding, marketing and a system to leads prospects straight into your business opportunity. The new trend is to do this online and I've met some people who excell at doing it offline. Personally I like the internet because you can get results really fast. If you have the right kind of web page you can get some incredible results in a short amount of time.

At the beginning of this article I asked the question "How can you do this if you're new?" The answer is to have an already developed system that will work for FHTM. It must be generic so you can do self branding and not brand FHTM. It must be set up so your team can plug right in and use it immediately and it must provide ongoing marketing training.

What the people demand in this business is for someone to teach them how to market so they can make some money. A warm list is only part of the equation. When you have this knowledge you become highly valuable to your prospects and they will be waiting at your door waiting for you to sign them up.

If you are looking for a website like I described above then visit the links provided in this article where you can discover the same method I use to grow my personal downline.

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