This ACN Review Opened My Eyes!!

By: Aaron Chen

This company is one that everyone should have heard of. ACN is one of the most popular multi level marketing companies around. They have an amazing business platform and offer excellent products.

Now don't be fooled. Eventhough ACN is such a quality business does not mean that it is easy to be successful in this company. In fact, there are lots of struggling distributors, just as there are many that are making good money. So what's the issue?

The main problem is that ACN tells its distributors to only promote ONE WAY! Their way. Which means, you are essentially a sales person. People are trained to promote the features of the product to entice more people into joining the business. However, this doesn't work because all the other Network Marketing businesses are using this outdated method. Which means that it's extremely difficult to gain traction selling your business this way.

If you want to be successful in ACN and really learn to do this business well like all the top earners around the globe, you need to STOP promoting your ACN business. Now that may sound like the craziest thing in the world, but read on.

Most MLM companies teach their distributors the worst ways to market their business. Downlines are taught to sell their company and to push their brand. Most of the time they are given corporate replicated websites, which unfortunately, most people don't respond well to. And that's a fact! And you know what? It's not your uplines fault. Because most of them don't know any other way.

The biggest problem right now, is the Internet is full of ads. Everyone has the best deal, the best company, the best marketing plan, the best miracle drug! And this has made the average person turn off to advertising online. If you are marketing offline, trying to recruit your closest friends is tough, because most of them are comfortable where they are and don't share your vision. And what happens when you have spoken to all the people you know? You will run out of leads! No leads equals no business. The end!

The solution to this problem is to brand YOU as a leader, and NOT your business! This is also known as Attraction Marketing. People buy from people. People like to buy from people that they respect and trust. They are tired of being sold to and don't need another business, they want guidance from a leader! Someone who will take them under their wing and show them everything they need to succeed.

So how is this done? Well the first thing is to not push your MLM opportunity as soon as you meet people. The second step is to constantly educate yourself on the top online marketing methods in today's market. The third step is to be selfless and provide tons of value to all the Networkers that need help and guidance. Don't keep important information to yourself. Instead be extremely generous and really go out of your way to help people in need. This shows that you care and it exudes leadership qualities.

By constantly putting out great content that people need and want, you will be building your brand. This will create trust and build a relationship. You have suddenly become the expert that they always turn to. And once you have reached this point, you have got them exactly where you want them. And you will be able to sell them whatever your little heart desires.

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