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I often receive quote requests from Brisbane customers for products that we do not print, so I have decided to compile a list of the products that we do not print and some companies that may be able to help.

Very short runs of Posters

Very short runs of Posters such as 1-5 postersare not really our space. Office works now have a print on demand shop in most stores, which can print these kinds of posters while you wait.

Very short runs of business cards

Our minimum run size for business cards is 500. We print 99% of our business cards on an offset press as the price and quality is much better. We only print business cards on our digital press for super urgent jobs, when meeting the deadline is a higher priority for the client than price and quality. Look for a copy centre in Brisbane, and they may print digital business cards

Screen- Printing

We often receive requests for screen-printing in Brisbane, but we don’t do screen printing at all. I don’t have any contacts in this section of Brisbane’s printing industry, so I am unable to point you in the right direction… Sorry!

T shirt/ cotton fabric printing

We can print using die sublimation onto synthetic materials such as the polyster based fabric commonly used fro outdoor banners and flags, but we do not print onto t shirts or cotton fabrics. This is more the domain of a digital shirt printer or an industrial clothing print operation.

Super short runs of flyers & brochures

The minimum viable quantity we print for brochures and flyers is 50-100. We theoretically print smaller quantities, but our minimum print cost is $50 per order. This means that printing less than 50 flyers would cost the same as 100 brochures. If you need a very small quantity of brochures printed, I would suggest you try your local photocopy shop in Brisbane.

Letterheads on our digital press

All of our letterheads are printed in Brisbane on an offset printing press, and are never printed using our digital press. All Letterheads should be printed using ink on an offset press, which will then soak into the bond paper. If Letterheads are printed on a digital press using toner instead of ink, the image will smear when over printed using an office laser-jet printer.

For more information, check out our website at You will find some client testimonials and more information about the products that we do print for the Brisbane market. Remember if you are thinking ‘printing Brisbane’, think Uniprint QLD.

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