Things to Remember when Renting a Luxury Yacht Croatia

By: Miha M

A visit to Croatia is not complete without renting a luxury yacht Croatia to get the best experience during your vacation. There are yachts and catamaran charter Croatia companies that are in every marina of the country.

In order to help you on this important decision making episode, there are a few pointers to remember when booking a yacht charter Croatia:

1. Contract Bounded

Like most rental services, most luxury yacht Croatia owners require interested tourists to sign a document that is similar to terms and conditions or a memorandum of agreement to formally start the engagement. It is stipulated in the document the duration of rent, the amount to be paid, the rules and regulations, and the prohibited actions or items among others. It’s better to read the document to avoid getting yourselves into trouble.

2. Duration

Most yachts are for rent for at least a period of one week. Due to the numerous places to visit or see in this country, this has become a standard condition in order to maximize the visit of everyone in this country. You can forget about renting the yacht for less. Extensions are rare deal for this kind of engagement.

3. Provisions for the entire trip
It is inevitable that he entire week will be spent mostly within the premises of the yacht. Prior to the trip, it is best to arm yourselves with food, water, and other basic necessities as these are not provided in the yacht that you are renting. Buying in bulk is highly encouraged as frequent trips to the store is time consuming and unnecessary. If necessary, make sure to restock provisions when it’s time to make a visit on land.

4. Yacht Crew

It is highly probable that tourists are not familiar how to navigate a yacht. What’s good about yacht charter Croatia is that the boat comes with a crew. Their job is to navigate the crew around the waters of Croatia while you are busy relaxing and enjoy the tranquil aura of the country. Just remember to include them in your provisions as they become a part of the yacht during the entire trip. Most owners provide two to three personnel depending on the size of the yacht.

5. Avoid Bringing expensive items

Remember that when going on an adventure in a yacht or a catamaran charter Croatia, your objective is to relax and to explore the beauty of the country. Ditch those pearl and diamond encrusted necklaces that you plan on bringing because chances are no one is going to appreciate those. You are a tourist, and not a walking pawnshop. It is unnecessary to subject yourself to be a target of thieves.

Aside from all these pointers mentioned, it would also be a big help to get in touch with the country’s local tourism to ask for more information on tips in renting a luxury yacht Croatia. They know the place more than you do so it wouldn’t hurt to ask for additional tips. Lastly, have fun on your trip to Croatia.

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