Things to Look For When Choosing Dog Kennels

By: Malcolm Nguyen

Plenty of people own dogs and if your dog stays outside for any amount of time you will need to look into purchasing dog kennels for them to shelter in when it is too warm, too cold or during the night. These are available in many different shapes and sizes as well as different materials. If you are a novice to buying this kind of item it is important that you know the things to avoid when choosing dog kennels so that you always get it right.

Don't choose a kennel that has splits or cracks in it when it has been put together. Finding this out will be much easier if you are planning on buying your kennel in person. If you are buying online make sure that you only make your purchase from a website with a good reputation and you will not be disappointed.

You should also avoid dog kennels that are not weather proof. Remember that your kennel will be outside all year round and it must be fixed for purpose. Good kennels need to be durable and not leak as the comfort of your dog should always be your main priority. Just because they will be outside it does not mean that they should not be kept warm and dry in a draft free area.
It is also important that you avoid buying dog kennels that are the wrong size for the breed of dog that you have. Always bear in mind how large your dog will be when it is fully grown and never buy a kennel purely to house a puppy as you will be buying another one very soon afterwards. Take a look at the small, medium, large and extra large kennels that are available and select the one that will be right for your fully grown animal.

If you are no good at building kennels avoid wooden kennels that have a lot of complex parts and instructions to construct them. Doing this will only make your task even harder, so go for one that is simple and straightforward to put together. You will be able to find this out by checking the description of the dog kennels that you are interested in online. Then you can make your mind up and judge whether you will be able to build it or not.

Finally, you should avoid low quality dog kennels at all costs. While you might think that you are getting yourself a fantastic battle by finding a cheap kennel you could soon be eating your words. Kennels like this will not last very long and can easily split and crack when they are left outside. Not only will this make your dog very uncomfortable, you could also find that your dog injures itself on splinters or cracked wood from the kennel. So save yourself a lot of time, money and effort by buying the best kennel you can first time so that your dog is always well housed when he or she is outside.

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