Things to Consider Before Taking Your Devices Overseas

By: Brooke M. Perry

When it comes to travelling overseas, the excitement of visiting a new land gets so over empowering that very often the traveler do forget about many important things. In spite of considering packing very seriously, it often happens that when you reach the new place, you realize that you missed to bring along something or other, sometime very important things and sometimes trivial things. However, while travelling to overseas you must not forget to carry along your devices as it keeps you connected to the world and houses your pool of important data.

Hence, when it is time for you to fly overseas, you must become extra concerned about your devices like tablet, smartphone, laptop, and other accessories. You must make sure that you donít miss packing those as it is not a matter of whip to buy a new device all of sudden, that too in a new country.

However, just taking along the device is not enough when you are travelling to overseas, there are many other things that you must take into consideration.

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Check if your device is supported in the destination country

First and foremost thing that you must check is whether your device is supported in the destination country you are flying to. Different countries have different protocols for the devices. Hence, you must check before hand if it will be feasible to transfer your phoneís protocol to the new protocol of your destination country. For this, you must first talk to your carrier and ascertain if they can provide you the best solution in this regard.

Get your device insured

You can be a smart and very alert individual but when you visit a new place, especially the one that you havenít visited earlier then things are sure to appear new and tricky for you. That is the reason why foreigners become the easy prey of steal and snatching incidents. Nowadays, computing devices and its accessories very expensive therefore even a small chance of these getting lost or stolen can cost you fortune. Do you like to spoil your trip by keeping yourself busy bothering about the safety of your devices?

To confirm the safety of your laptops, smartphones and tablets, first you should always keep it close to you like in the pocket of your coat and should remain as usual conscious about them as you do on a daily basis. Secondly, you must get them insured. It is not a bad idea to spend some more money to get your expensive gadgets secured with insurance cover. This will ensure that even by chance if you lose it or it gets stolen at least you will have someone to pay for your new gadget.

Get the backup of the data

As discussed in the above paragraph that when you travel to a new land, as a foreigner you become more susceptible to theft and snatching. This risks the safety of your device that might get stolen under some unfortunate circumstances. Not just theft, the device might suffer with certain kind of hardware or software damage at your hand. Hence, the risk to the data stored in your devices increases when you are travelling. That is why before travelling overseas, make sure to prepare the back-up of the device data and store it safely in cloud or some USB drive that you can carry along or safely store at your home.

Donít carry all the devices along

It is not a smart habit of carrying all your devices along while travelling to a new country. For instance, your tablet can perform almost all the activities that your laptop can, so whatís the need of carrying the two. Moreover, these days even tablet supports mobile communication so you can just decide to carry your tablet and leave behind your laptop and smartphone. Less will be the number of devices, less you will spend on insurance and less you will require staying attentive and concerned.

Check if you need to carry along a travel adapter

If you are a frequent traveler and travel to different countries then you must own a travel adapter that you will require quite often. But if you donít have one then before taking up your journey you must check whether it will be fine if you travel without the adapter. For instance in the USA, the voltage ranges between 115-120 V, while in Europe it is 220-240 V. So if you are travelling to Europe from the USA you will need a travel adapter to transform the voltage for you. However, the good news is that most of the modern day gadgets are compatible with 115 - 220 V. Check what voltage your device charger supports, if it works well in either 115 or 220 V, you donít need the adapter.

These are just some of the few things that you must consider while you are travelling abroad and carrying mobile devices with you. The aforementioned tips are meant to make your trip safer in terms of device and data security. Happy travelling!

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Brooke M. Perry is an ardent technician associated with Qresolve online pc support with wide experience of fixing issues with PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphone. With a strong track record of devising effective ways of online tech support and system security, she has so far helped thousands of users across the globe.

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