There is No Free Lunch When Starting an Online Business

By: Jan Shimano

With the economy the way it is today, so many people are looking for a way out of their financial difficulties. One of the most attractive ways is to start their own business. Did you know that one in every eight households in the United States has a home-based business? I don't know about you, but I was quite surprised when I came across that statistic.
So what does that tell us. For one thing, it tells us that more and more people are disillusioned with their life and the fact that they have lost all sense of security, especially as it relates to their employment. Companies that we thought would be with us forever, are folding. Of course, when this happens literally thousands upon thousands of employees lose their jobs. No doubt you personally know one or two people that this has happened to.
They are looking for an answer to their woes and having their own business looks very attractive to them. For one reason or another, too many internet marketing beginners, believe that they can start an online business with absolutely no money. It is true that an internet business has a significantly lower startup cost than a conventional business, but it is not free.
You will have the initial cost of joining the Company of your choice if you are not prepared to produce a product of your own. This cost can vary significantly. In most instances, you do get what you pay for, so do your research on a number of Companies before you make your choice. Apart from your signup fee, some of the basic costs are web editing software, website hosting and domain name purchases.
If you are reluctant to invest in these basics, then it is very unlikely that you are ready to make the necessary commitment to your success and your business.
If you are only willing to use the free hosting that your Company offers instead of getting your own hosting account, then your chances of making it are slim indeed. Also don't opt for free or low-cost web design options. If you are going to do it right, then do it right from the beginning.
Your startup cost will still be very low when compared to that of a regular company. However, regardless of whatever anyone might tell you, you are going to have to invest a certain amount of money and a great deal of time and commitment to your new business. You might as well quit right now if you think you are going to be getting a 'free lunch', because it's just not going to happen.
Thousands are succeeding every day at their internet marketing business and making a very healthy living at it. There is absolutely no reason why you can't also....just commit to puting the required time and effort into it.

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Jan Shimano was District Manager for Health & Welfare Canada for many years. She was also self-employed as a Nutritional Consultant. She is presently a Business & Health Coach and runs her own internet marketing company from her home on Vancouver Island. Jan invites you to learn more about her and her company by visiting her website and also watching her videos at

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