There are differences in summer tyres

By: denzelwilson

As a car owner you have to think about several things that could affect your safety on the road. When you own a car you are actually responsible for taking care of the fact that the car is roadworthy.

Many people think that tyres is a necessary evil. Sure you have to buy a new set every once in a while but it is always worth it. People have this vision about tyres that when the winter comes you have to put some effort in checking the tyres and possibly buy new ones.

When you get deeper to the facts you will soon realize that summer tyres are just as important as winter tyres. When driving during the summertime there are factors that can make your car not roadworthy. To give you an example, I was driving along on a longer journey and twice during that trip I was faced with a massive rain. The rain quickly filled the motorway with water and you really couldn’t dodge the water that was stacked on the highway. When I drove through the first water “obstacle” I quickly realized I was in a water slide. It felt just as if I had lost the control of the car. It was like sliding on the ice without steering or breaking capability.

The thing with summer tyres is that you have to take care of them. If you are unsure for even a moment, you should definitely go and check up on your tyres. Best way is to go to your local Vianor and ask them to check the pressure and the quality of the tyres. If the tyres need to be renewed, it’s a small price to pay for not getting in to water slide. With tyres it is all about the ability to separate the water between the road and your tyres. When you have the right pattern and enough of rubber in your tyres (in Finnish: renkaita), they should do it without a problem.

With a new tyre the starting speed for water slide is 96km/h when again with a worn out tyre it is only 76km/h.

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