There are Particular about Winter Footwear Cleaning and Maintenance

By: Emma Beth

Today, many styles of winter boots, fabric variety, there are many winter shoes use a combination of fabrics, which the cleaning, care and put forward higher requirements. So here is a cleaning and maintenance "menu" for different fabric.

Knitted fabrics
Most of the lattice and a small part of the knitted fabric paint or fabric mosaic matte leather shoes, has become a fashion, a lot of people think that boat shoes or boots can be the same as it is particularly on the water soak scrub sets, and this is error! Itís likely to cause deformation of the shoes. You can water and cleaning agents sweater by the ratio of 50:10 with a liquid, with a lightly moistened soft brush to brush the stain, and finally with eighty percent of the overall unit gently wet the shoes again, dry ventilated place.

Patent leather
Patent leather shoes can not use brightener or shoes milk to take care of. Optical brightener can cause paint spots off the coating, shoe uppers milk will wrinkling, both of which can ruin the leather shoes of the "bright future." Leather shoes with a soft damp cloth can graze, can also use leather care cream cleanser and clean. If the stains are not easily paint leather shoes wipe we can follow the water and hand sanitizer solution, dubbed the ratio of 50:10 with a soft cloth soaked in white stains wipe back and forth, and then ventilated place to dry naturally.

Matte leather
You can use matte leather and suede shoes special shoe brush and special cleaning agents. First shoes with shoe trees will hold up, after the copper surface with a special shoe brush, like the spot, like massage, rubbing the side of one side focusing circle; rubber surface and then wipe the shoes with a wire brush to wash down the surface water-soluble dirt sucked; shake dedicated cleaner spray on the surface, rubber surface with special shoe brush to brush back and forth repeatedly, dirty foam with a sponge to dry.

If suede shoes, but also to dry for 10 minutes, so hair is slightly dry, brush the rubber face with one aspect of finishing; the last newspaper in the shoes of plugs to protect, and shoes for 15 cm from the update agent sprayed evenly complementary color.

Light and soft fashion style, the care is not available when the brightener, it should be colorless and high quality shoes with milk. However, the amount of milk is not appropriate footwear for uniform thin smear was then recommended to change the focus on the shoe squeezed a large group of milk way, but in the toe, shoes, tail, and the ankle on both sides of the front side 6 points on the bean size shoes squeeze the amount of milk, then brush with a soft brush to open quickly, to prevent the shoes after solvent evaporation in the milk, shoes, milk, "not open to push, push uneven." After cleaning, the phenomenon will be slightly darker, but does not affect the overall color harmony and beauty.

Animal skin pattern
Printed with animal patterns, such as snakes, leopard, cow pattern, python, lizard-patterned shoes, you can use milk or water shoes brightener care, but do not use oil-based brightener care, prevent printing patterns of animals harden the coating crisp.

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