The underwear in the Ancient Western Countries

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In ancient time, garments for women were strictly governed by rank. In order to express their inner feeling and distinguish themselves from other women, the intelligent ancient women chose their underwear as the platform to express their feelings and exhibit their delicate craftsmanship and ingenious designs.

From Egypt to Rome, it is difficult to say when the beginning of underwear history, but it seems that the first record from ancient Egypt around 3000 BC, clothing is a status symbol of the Egyptians, and higher levels of women will start wearing underwear in the chest below the narrow gown. Sometimes they painted robe around to the front of the body shape to the waist. Slaves and servants did not wear underwear; they wear simple loin cloth or nudity. Several female terracotta figurines found throughout the ancient Near East, appears to wear underwear, several different types. One of them is from about 3000 BC, Babylon girl who is wearing what might be regarded as underwear; it may be derived from the waist cloth. Another woman from the image of the 2000 BC, discovered in Crete, depicting the first recorded corset-like bodice and crinoline that stuffed up the exposed breast. Both are interesting, they show similar, underwear millions later in the Western world.

In ancient Greece, several female statues put on their shoulders and cross with the entire bras. Odyssey and the Iliad refer to women’s underwear, plus size wedding dresses cheap, like Herodotus, Aristophanes, and later Greek writers Lacian. In these texts, women were described as wearing as the surrounding area, lower back and trunk control their shape with the known linen. Other Greek word also appears to describe women. The famous Roman mosaic shows some of the women wearing bikinis or underwear seem to be followed closely Greek and Roman women's fashion from 400 AD. Coat including mamillere and fascia, the band is tight cloth, mainly to support, not the abdomen chest. From 400 AD the famous mosaic shows the number of women wearing what appears to be bikini or brief. For the Greeks and Romans, underwear with the reasons for the design more beautiful than a dedicated function.

It began to be a skirt from a large body in the mid-and late 1500s. There are two types of farthingales, Spain and France. The beginning of the Spanish version may be petticoats. The late 70s in the 16th century, the French version of the introduction, this is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth to see a lot of body. It consists of a huge level, but inclined to wear down at the waist in the front line to meet the reinforced bras via elongate front straps. Tramp known as the rib material or sausage roll. Around its waist, and according with their skirts to let them go. Fifth-century women wear basquine, one or a hoop skirt stock body taken seriously.

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