The truth about internet gambling and laws banning it - part 2

By: Steve Briggs

then there should be little concern of underage gambling since its no secret that majority of kids are going to be much more interested in entering a porn site than gambling. Proof of identity checks are not just for large cash-outs. They are randomly done and any player making deposits or withdrawals no matter how small is still a possibility of randomly being chosen for the identity check which would result in the account being closed when the underage gambler was unable to produce the documents needed to continue gambling.

There were claims that a child could get on the internet and using their parents' charge card, run up huge bills from losses experienced at online casinos. Once again a claim that is unfounded since the parents need merely contact their credit card company and deny the charges thus efficiently not only solving the illegitimate charges on the credit card but also severing any further chances of their children ever gambling in that online casino again since the account would most assuredly be closed and that IP address banned from ever reaching the casino again.

In the case of the United States they even allow online gambling but only if the wagering is done on horse races and lottery of which both conveniently are located within the U.S. boundaries. When the U.S. congress passed a law which came in as a "rider" on an anti-terrorist bill (which was sure to pass) making it illegal for banks to allow online gambling transactions (excluding the horses of course) the U.S. effectively broke treaties they had agreed to abide in the WTO (World Trade Organization) about free trade exchange across borders.

Other countries in the WTO membership filed complaints that the U.S. was trying to block their citizens from depositing into online casinos located outside the U.S. borders. The U.S. countered saying it was in the right since this was a moral issue and not an issue of off-shore business. While the United States certainly has unequalled influence, (end part 2)

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