The skills of choosing and buying female underwear

By: yang

As we know that, underwear is women’s personal favorite object and is close partner of the woman, no matter you is feminine, pure, contracted enchanting still. We have to admit that sex appeal is inseparable from the underwear of care. For women, formfitting comfortable underwear is health and body beauty state guarantee. Now are you good at choosing and select suitable and style? Admiral for your team several recruit.

No. 1 how to know oneself do:
Bust SIZE is chest itself under bust (chest close to the circumference of the rib position), and cover cup SIZE is made up of bust (nipple vertex in circumference Biaxial bust later judgments,) after subtraction in 10 centimeter for A cover cup, within 10 ~ 13 cm for B cover cup, within 13 to 15 cm for C cover cup, 15 ~ 18 centimeter of D cover cup, 18 ~ 20 cm for E cover cup, these are simple judgment of data, each A chamber of commerce for making version to different do can have A bit change, in fact it is suggested to counter to try do is the most accurate.

NO. 2 how to choose one suits own underwear:
In the meanwhile must choose underwear first understanding oneself do, don't be because want to let oneself chest looks more plump and choose too small underwear, thus, long time oppression, chest breast tumor; instead, easy to produce Choose an underwear most important is the comfort and wearing a breast &taste effect.

Secondly, modeling and price of underwear of comfortable underwear in relation to the hoop design and underwear itself material. Usually cotton is the most comfortable, and small permeability of the female can be advised to choose chest inside cushion dumpling, increasing concentration torte high, deep V effect, big boobs is must pay attention to the underwear coated sex; Don't because modeling and often wear without eaglet underwear, will be easy to cause the bosom prolapsed deformation, in short, that best suits your underwear to still have to try on.

Ok, those are the skills I want to tell you. It is common sense that wrong ways to wear underwear or unsuitable underwear to wear will do harm to our body. If you always ignore these and form into a habit, you have to care more about your health and body shape. It is so important that our beauty depends on them in some sense.

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