The second area of Gunnarsgrunn in runescape


After killing several of these, players received Give Thanks emote along with a Cornucopia. The emote itself was accustomed as a array of "drop", i.e. accustomed on the aboriginal kill, or afterwards a hundred it was absolutely random.They were aswell acutely simple to kill.

If players wanted to kill turkeys for their meat, bones, or just plain fun, there were only four places that seemed to constantly spawn turkeys. These were east of the banknote acreage abreast Port Sarim, and can calmly be accomplished the cabbage-port of an Explorer's ring (3). This breadth is single-combat.

The second area is just east of Gunnarsgrunn and can be accessed easily through a skull sceptre.This breadth is multi-combat. There acclimated to be a awry turkey in the barbaric abode area the turkey was ashore abaft 2 chairs and instantly respawned afterwards death. There was aswell a awry turkey in the Edgeville accepted store. The third area is north of Falador, near Doric's smithing cabin.Lastly, turkeys were aswell begin in the Grand Exchange, which seemed to be the a lot of accepted abode to annihilate turkeys. There was addition awry turkey in Peska's house, the Barbarian who sells helms, abreast the door. If a turkey was in foreground of the door, the turkey anon respawns and the bead appears on top of the shelf. The last glitched area was the Edgeville bank, where the turkey would continue to appear inside, where the bankers were.

Turkeys would instantly respawn. They did not always respawn in the same location they were killed in.If you get a ample accumulation and annihilate every turkey you see in that area, they will accumulate so abundant that they will roam into added areas and accomplish added turkeys thereThere appears to be 7 glitches begin if accomplishing the "Giving Thanks" emote.

When you start a fire, quickly start the emote. You will attending adulterated in the turkey but will eventually about-face into any accustomed akin 5 turkey size.The next annihilate is that you will be captivation a 2h-sword in one duke afterwards activating the emote.Another glitch is that if you do the emote when Stealing Creation is about to start, you will remain in the waiting room until the next game. This was anchored due to an amend in which players cannot do any emotes while in the lobby.

Also, if you use Freeze when you are still kneeling as a human, you will stand still and the ice will slide off you, and you cannot move until the ice slides back and shattersThe points and time in the Stealing Creation activity will reset after doing the emote.After accomplishing the emote, the amateur briefly appears to be invisible.If you accessible abode options while starting the emote, you will attending adulterated and will sometimes end up as a brace of turkey legs.

If you use any object (including raw/cooked turkey meat) at a turkey (disguised) it will say "Gobble gobble, gobble" (I have no use for that).If you appraise a raw section of turkey ,it will say "A raw turkey".However,if you appraise a raw section of turkey drumstick, it will say "I charge to baker this first" Which is what happens if you appraise added kinds of raw food(chicken/beef etc.)At the group of turkeys at Gunnarsgrunn some turkeys appear to be walking on water.

The examine text said for 2008 "It's huge and delicious!" while the 2009 and 2010 text said "It's huge and delicious."Their action akin was afflicted to 138 in the abstracted 2009 Thanksgiving Event, which was again in 2010.There is a annihilate were if you eat a adapted turkey drumstick it will say "You eat the turkey" and if you eat a adapted turkey it will say "You eat the turkey drumstick". This glitch has yet to be fixed.

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