The right action of swing ball

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The purpose is not simply swing ball, but also to make the ball fly right. Whether the correct ball flight, ultimately depends on the club head face is the impact of the ball flight direction opposite the ball, and the impact of the state of the ball club face and swing path and swing by the trajectory of every moment state of the club face which the constraints. In the course of the swing state of the club face should be correct:
When the first shot in the face after being placed on the target, as the club has been gradually on the play, the face gradually turned toward the front of the body to swing vertex, toward the body before the top, about forty five degrees backward, the course of the next swing was gradually restored, the impact of the ball is on the target direction.

1. Take back
Refer to the head from hitting the state of preparation after the ball began to swing the top of the action, started to enter the bend from the wrist action (cock) so far. Is the pendulum swing after the initial part.

The left arm and the club as a whole, do not bend the wrist elbow, keeping arms and shoulders form a triangle, left shoulder, left arm and left hand with the club to form one, led in turn to the left shoulder arms, hands, clubs, ball the first ball of legs slowly to the flight direction is placed behind the argument is about thirty centimeters. In this process, be sure to keep the club face is always the direction of flight of the ball, that is, starting from the head to head to the ball in front of the back swing to the right toe, his arms remained with the club when the ball ready relationship status, the underside of the head close to the ground almost horizontally backward. After the pendulum is the key to slow and straight. Slow refers to the so-called head of the backward movement to slow, it is a good rhythm throughout the swing; the so-called direct the club head is swinging back to a straight line and maintain positive face on the ball.

2. Back swing
The overall view from the swing, then swing the pendulum and the interval between no boundaries and no pause, then swing on the pendulum is starting, after the pendulum swing is a continuation, or even It can be said is that the pendulum swing after a part of.
Subsequently, the pendulum, which continues to maintain the shoulders and arms of a triangle formed to bring the head and left shoulder arms to right, the right in the hands reach waist height, left arm stretched out to the right as the same continue on the move. Left shoulder continues to driven to right arm, while also driving left loin and left hip to right reversed. Upper body and hip rotation in the role of the left leg inward knob, left knee buckles, inner thigh muscles are taut. Right leg under the action of the torque is still kept within the buckle, to maintain the distance between the knees to the right leg was also forced to the right to reverse resistance trends, so the right leg as the spring-like compression to be fully reversed. Right foot inside bears most of the weight and the rest is born by the right foot medial forefoot.

In the swing process, the head and neck and spine to keep one, it can be assumed to reverse the movement of the central axis of the body that is scratch across the top of the neck, back, waist, and finally to sacrococcygeal's. Eyes watching the ball, head and neck fixed, to maintain integrity and do not have any side to side or reverse, the final swing to the left shoulder below the chin.

After the pendulum after, his arms still keep pace with the club sports, left arm straight, keep a large extent on the swing. The movement of his left arm, back of the hand in the process, gradually from the direction of flight towards the ball into the body towards the front of the club face is gradually opened to reach the waist in both hands, the left hand is on the front of the back of the hand base, then head to lead. Left arm, left shoulder driven full rotation, the left thumb sticks live club grip, the left hand direction of the thumb flexion, wrist flexion movement completion (cock). To maintain the integrity of the wrist, the left hand back of the hand and left forearm in the same plane. Right shoulder and upper body are also involved in awareness campaign swing to make a more full body rotation, shoulder rotation around ninety degrees, turning forty-five degrees waist, his arms full on the move, his hands have reached the right ear position, left heel slightly raised, the left knee and right knee in torsion under their eyes, left shoulder pointing to the right side of the ball into the swing top.

In addition to maintain the leading role of the left side of the body is also very important, if the right arm and right hand is too active, it will cause premature surface of the ball of legs open, and insufficient turning left shoulder goes down, open the right axillary, left wrist bent and a series of errors, These are the leading reason for the ball to the left. Therefore, beginners must start learning to pay attention to these issues

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