The reality of working with horses

By: Thomas H. Lindblom

Many people when growing up at some stage dream of working with horses, but as time goes on these dreams fade away as they move onto other things, but some people don't give up on their dream and stick to it, so if this is you, here are some tips on working in the horse industry. Many people think that working with horses is fun and they get to see and ride them every day, but this is wrong. There are many positives and negatives when working with horses and a lot of hard work is required.

Working with horses is physically demanding; if you think that working out in the gym for 2 hours is hard then maybe you need to reconsider because working with horses requires consistent energy all day long.

Many people around the world now are accustomed to working in offices and enjoying the non physical work lifestyle and therefore working in the Equine industry has changed as not many people are up for such a demanding job.

If you are working with horses you also need to understand that there is a risk that goes along with it. At the end of the day animals are unpredictable, while many people have worked in the horse industry for years and have never been hurt, it doesn't mean the it cannot happen.

So when taking on a job working with horses you need to consider whether you are willing to take the risks that come along with working with them. Getting hurt can be minimised by using caution, experience and good practice and listening to people that have been in the industry for a long time. These are all the sorts of questions you need to ask yourself before entering into a horse career.

Like any job when you start at the bottom the payment isn't that great and you will be paid minimum wages to start with. So to accept this you really must have a passion and want to work with horses, because you will be putting in a lot of time and effort. As you work longer in the industry and gain more qualifications and you are working in a good stable, you can earn very good money, making what you are doing that much more rewarding for all your hard efforts.

So before choosing a career in the horse industry, ask yourself; is this what I really want to do..?

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Horse jobs are for those that "live and breathe" the equine.

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