The problem was that I was a solo player essentially

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The best part? I've never been banned - I never bought gold off eBay, or ran illegal butting programs, or scammed anybody to get my Cheap Diablo 3 Gold! In other words, I earned my money by being one of the best quipsters on Gaia. And I can teach you, too! The 3 Must Have Diablo 3 Add Man this sucks! I wish someone had shared the information with me that I'm about to share with you some years back, I could have saved days of playtime! First things first, some of you may be wondering what on earth an add-on is, don't worry no biggie, I was playing D3 for just over a year before I even knew of plugging and I just happened to stumble across the information in a forum by chance.

The problem was that I was a solo player essentially, I had no friends or relatives who played and I wasn't very active in groups for dungeons and raids (groups are great for getting the inside scoop, just ask your fellow members if you're unsure of anything and they should only be to glad to help).OK, so add-ons, they're basically programmed scripts that automate certain parts of the Diablo 3 experience making your daily routine/s in Diablo 3 run a lot smoother and more importantly quicker. To reach the high realms in the game and be recognized as an elite player you'll need to use add-ons.

Period! Before we continue it's worth pointing out that there are many add-ons available for Diablo 3 but not all of them are reliable or even trustworthy, if you're new to add-ons and want to venture outside of the 3 main add-ons Im about to share with you then always ensure that Blizzard recognizes and acknowledges the add-on and you can always check into your favorite Diablo 3 forum and ask fellow members if they recommend or have experience with the plug-in.

After an hour of trying to add links that aren't clickable I have to give up, simply take the name of the add-on and plug it into Google each one will be listed in the top 3 results. I have highlighted in bold the name of the add-ons as referenced below. Sorry :( The first add-on I use routinely is Market Watcher the nice thing about this add-on is you can continually scan for the prices of items and track the prices. If you're looking for ways to make more gold then this little add-on will help you out. Prices are continually fluctuating in Diablo 3 based on demand and Market Watcher allows you to see what's priced at what in real time.

The second add-on that I use daily in my own game is Auctioneer this handy little add-on will help automate the process of the auction houses, if you would like to automate your auction houses experience and make more gold while doing so, then this add-on is the perfect suit for your needs. Auctioneer is also very popular and a stable add-on that is recognized and acknowledged by Blizzard. Although the name of the add-on sounds a bit OTT, it is actually a really good add-on and will boost your gold making efforts considerably. Auctionator will allow you to scan past and present prices in the auction houses. You can also post your auctions and buy items directly through the add-on.

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