The perks of using Glossy Photo Paper

By: Sunil Punjabi

The glossy photo paper offers some excellent features which justifies its popularity as far as printing photos is concerned. There are many reasons why the glossy paper is used so often. Firstly, the glossy paper looks very vibrant and crisp which is something you want to see when you print photos. If you want to print a photo of a cherished moment, of a portrait or of a colourful picture, then you can go for glossy paper which will give you a shining and attractive output. The glossy finish is used when you want good detailing and clarity as well. Moreover, when you want enlarged photos, posters or collage, you can pick the glossy finish.

There are many varieties of the glossy photo paper, in terms of the shininess that you actually get. There is the semi-gloss version which is not as expensive as the premium grade version and has also lesser shininess. This will prove useful when you want the attractive gloss touch without being too shiny or reflective. This is because when you want to display a picture next to a bright lit area, the glossy photo will end up reflecting the light and this reflectiveness will greatly reduce the visibility. Also, when the photo is too shiny, you might have finger prints or smudges that can really take away from the beauty of the actual photo. Interestingly, an important benefit provided by glossy paper is that it is relatively cheaper when compared to the matte finish which is somewhat dull and is used for sombre or black and white prints.

Glossy photo paper is the ideal choice for those who click colourful pictures or those who have just started photography. This is because the glossiness can make the photo appear rich and also retain the colours and vibrancy of the photo. The rich appearance that glossy pictures give you often covers up a lot of minor defects in the photo. In other words, when you want photos for your albums that look good and beautiful, glossy paper is an excellent choice as it looks good irrespective of any technical defects that the photo may carry. Moreover, you can actually make use of glossy paper that has good ink absorption and quick drying capacity so that the photos are developed almost immediately and there is no smudging caused by imbalanced absorption of ink.

Those who want to avoid the reflective nature of the glossy photo paper can also go for satin finish which has a good sheen and lustre but with a textured surface the reflectiveness greatly decreases bringing out better detail and contrast. The weight of the paper is also ideal to make sure that the photo neither tears apart nor curls up. Moreover, glossy paper tends to last a long time. That is why portraits and family photos are printed out on glossy paper so that their beauty is retained for a long time and they look rich and beautiful for a long time to come.

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