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One of the more innovative features of Neverwinter’s latest neverwinter astral diamond module “Tomb of Annihilation” is Hunting in Soshenstar River. But as cool as it might be, players are also having trouble understanding how it exactly works. Some already struggle to complete the introductory “A Little Research” quest, and it’s even harder to figure out all the mobs that drop Trophies and where to place lures. That’s why we start going through the feature in-depth today and will deliver all the resources you need for your Hunting experience. Also make sure to check out our preview post, which describes the feature in general.

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Any Hunt starts with Trophies from so called rare spawns. Some mobs in Soshenstar River have the chance to re-spawn as a rare version, which then has a chance to drop a Trophy.

Chultan Tiger -> Smilodon -> Smilodon Tooth
Undead -> Rotting Ogre -> Rotting Ogre’s Femur
Batiri -> Batiri Brave -> Batiri Brave’s Trinket
Deinonychus -> Eotyrannus -> Eotyrannus Talon
Crabs -> Bigclaw -> Bigclaw’s Pincer
Scorpion -> Venomtail -> Venomtail Poison
Tyrannosaur -> Tyrannosaurus Rex -> Tyrannosaurus Fang
Mobs that don’t have a chance to spawn a rare version or are otherwise unrelated to Hunting are Thayans, Bears, Lions, Velociraptors, Compys, Tarantulas and Allosaurs.

Tyrannosaurus Rex
While you probably will get Trophies from other rare mobs over time, the Tyrannosaurus Rex presents a different challenge. Depending on your power you might need to tackle that big baddie with a group. And as a rare version of the regular Tyrannosaurus with only two spawn locations, it appears very infrequently. So infrequently that those looking for a Fang might get invited to an instance by a player that mixed up the regular version with the Rex. It’s very annoying, but understandable that folks stumbling across a Tyrannosaurus think they might have found something special.

In very rare cases you’ll also get a “King of Spines” Heroic Encounter invite if you lfg for a T-Rex. But that was primarily an issue on the very first days of the module and shouldn’t happen too often. Can’t hurt though to add to your request that you’re not looking for “KOS”.

There are some very interesting theories out there in terms of drop rates by the way. Some players think that every T-Rex drops exactly one Fang to the player or team that contributed to the kill the most. This would fit observations where players that come late to the fight normally don’t get Fangs and players that solo a Rex experience a 100% drop rate. On the other hand there are reports saying that multiple Fangs dropped for one Rex. Both facts don’t necessarily contradict each other though. It could be a HE-like points system counting DPS, healing and damage taken combined with Fang pool depending on the number of players participating. I’m sure we’ve not entirely figured this out yet, so I’d be very interested to hear about your experiences.

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